College offers alternative to traditional football: flag football

By Julio Avila

Across the country, flag football has received huge recognition , and several universities actually have flag football teams for competitions against rival universities. While the College does not have a football team to play against rivals, students have the option of joining the flag football intramural club.

This season students will have, for the first time in the history of the College, a chance to compete with teams from across the College.

“Students will have a chance to play against other flag football teams from the Brentwood and Riverhead campuses in a intercampus competition leading up to a ‘Annual Thanksgiving Bowl’ we hope will take place this year”  Prof. Kevin Foley, interim director of college athletics said.

There is no requirement in joining the club as any student with little football experience or a student with a plethora of football experience can join.

 “Students should just come in regular gym clothing and the flags are provided,” Foley said. The games are held on the field behind the baseball field near the Brookhaven Gym.

 Those who like to tackle in football will have to keep a cool head. One of the differences between regular football and touch football is in flag football, one cannot tackle, as each player wears a pair of flags, and the flag must be ripped off which is equivalent to a tackle.

“Flag football consists of seven players. There isn’t much contact, no tackling, is less aggressive and requires more agility and speed,” Foley said.

One minor detail students should factor in about this club is they will not be part of a regional or statewide tournament. Participants will instead be on teams playing against other teams of students.

“Those who had teams last year return and new teams form. Students can also be placed on a team based on certain criteria, but it’s recommended to have a team already formed,” Foley said.  One example of having a formed team would consist of a student and their friends.

There are only a handful of students who have heard of this club, one of them being Allen Arons, a current student attending the Ammerman Campus.

 “I was handed a flier in the cafeteria and I wanted to play!” said Arons, who recommends this club to those who want to “get outdoors and do something.”, a college search site that reviews colleges and offers information on scholarship opportunities, college life, and other information to help students decide which college to attend, has a list of colleges with top-tiered flag football teams. Some schools include Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ;  Baldwin–Wallace College in Berea, OH;  Cornell University in Ithaca, NY; Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA and the list goes on mention other colleges for a total of 17 colleges with competitive flag football teams.


These schools may be great options to transfer to for those who would like to participate in playing in football with less aggression and physicality or for those who have participated on this campus flag football intramural club and would like to further pursue participation in the sport.

For those who are interested in being part of this club and having the chance at competing, teams meet every Wednesday during common hour from 11 a.m to 12:15 p.m. at the field behind the baseball field.

Students who would like more information on this club can either contact Prof. Kevin Foley or Coach Kerry Swanson by phone at 451-4380 or visit the Physical Education office in room 110 in the Brookhaven Gymnasium.

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