Daily Archives: October 3rd, 2012

A Transformation On Campus

By Julia Catalano

This semester at the Ammerman Campus there have been some changes and improvements, most apparent in the South Hampton Building. The South Hampton building has been transformed to a newer, modernized, more comfortable and convenient environment for students and faculty.

The outside appearance has even been modified. The windows have been changed, making the entire look of the building seem to be brand new.

According to the South Hampton building agreement $526,300.00 was spent on All Service Electric, inc.. $84,450.00 was used for Maccarone plumbing inc. , as well as $1,955,000.00 on Ultimate Power, inc. The funds used to rebuild the Southhampton building were enormous, but so is its new and improved transformation.

“On my first day of class I was nervous that I was going into the wrong building. My older sister described to me the South Hampton building because my first semester I had never been inside. The description was way different than what she told me and I had to text her and double check I was in the right buiding. She laughed at me when I told her the entire building looked brand new.” said freshman, Joanna O’Cleary.

Inside the South Hampton building there are new working air conditioners in nearly every room of the building. The bathrooms in the Babylon student center have been completely modified as well. The mirrors are longer and brand new. The entire bathroom is newly tilled and decorated. The South Hampton Building has a whole new feel to it now. Students say that the new look of this building is appreciated and forms a higher level of respect for the college.

“I went into the teacher’s office in the South Hampton Building to hand in my paper and the stapler stapled my paper for me! I was in shock and pretty impressed, and my teacher just laughed and said yes you go to very prestigious institution now. “ Said student Gaby Cimino.

Although some students will get a good laugh out of that, it is true that this new look gives our school a better rep, and a step in a great direction towards building a great name for this campus.