Find Out How To Start a Club on Campus

By Alyson Feis

Students interested in starting a new club on campus can find out how to do so by attending one of the colleges “How To Start A Club” workshops at the Selden Campus.

The next workshop will be held on October 5, in the Eaton’s Neck room, located in the northeastern corner of the cafeteria, at 11am. The college currently has over 65 clubs on campus, the list will continue to grow as students like you get involved! Students can start a club shaped around a unique hobby, interest, art, ideology, or anything else you can think of!

However, you must attend one of the workshops if you intend on creating a club on campus this semester. Students unable to attend the October 5 workshop can mark their calendars for the next workshop which will take place on November 7, at 11am in the Orient Point room located on the second floor of the Babylon Student Center.

For more information regarding the “How To Start A Club” workshop contact Frank Vino by phone at (631) 451-4814, or by email at

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  1. Good article Aly!

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