Creativity Spread Through Tumblr

By Ally Lashley

The internet has created many ingenious sites for people to learn all about the world through a computer screen. Of these sites, is the most interesting site any person can come across.

Welcome to Tumblr, an underground blogging site for teenagers to adults, this site has created a new outlook on the world for internet users and bloggers alike. Tumblr allows you to express yourself through the millions and millions of pictures either posted originally by the blogger or found from other sites. This site consists of re-blogging, liking, and hash tagging pictures of anything and everything. Re-blogging on Tumblr can be compared to liking on Facebook, but with way more depth.

Each picture has a different amount of notes, which means how many times the picture has been re-blogged. A picture can have anywhere from 1 to one million notes. Infinite scrolling completes this site’s look, allowing viewers to scroll constantly through thousands of pictures, quotes, videos, and music.

Through Tumblr, people can find pictures of anything really. From a picture of Einstein and his therapist, to New York Fashion Week runway details, and quotes by Nietzsche and Hemingway, this site literally has it all. Tumblr has over 60 million blogs, all at your fingertips to explore. Founded in 2007 by 26-year-old David Karp, this site is a blogging “platform for creativity”, commented Karp to the New York Times. The level of creativity available on this site cannot be found anywhere else.

If you’re following the correct type of blogs on Tumblr you have the chance to gain vast knowledge of popular culture all over the world. The 60 million blogs belong to 60 million different people, with their own special stories and lives. Bloggers on Tumblr have the power to enhance the knowledge of hundreds of people around the world on any topic they see fit based on who follows them.

Tumblr is an amazing site because of the power of just simply re-blogging a picture. The fairly recent Mexican Revolution, for example, had created one of the biggest protests in world history, but has been banned by the media. The US media, and the UK media have ignored this story, but Tumblr bloggers live for ignored media. Tumblr bloggers have posted a single picture of the mass amount of humans standing in the city of Mexico protesting. The Mexican protest photo has over 35,000 notes.

Another perfect example of Tumblr’s benefits is finding out the truth in a questionable area, the example being McDonald’s food. Through Tumblr, bloggers probably already know about the pink gooey substance that all McDonald’s meat products are made out of. This gooey pink substance includes chicken beaks, feet, tongues, bones, pretty much every piece of the chicken except the meat. The substances are then drowned in ammonia, cooked up, and shipped out to McDonald’s stores. Without Tumblr, people are deprived of information that should otherwise be available to everyone.

Tumblr has changed the life of many bloggers, especially me. I have around 400 followers, and I always feel confident to post whatever I feel on Tumblr without being judged, because that is just how the site is. One of my favorite posts on Tumblr has to be a quote from a certain teenage blogger, “I always thought I was weird and different, and then I joined Tumblr, only to discover there is a whole bunch of us.”

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  1. I love Tumblr! I have just as many Tumblr followers as you do Ally! Let me know the name of your blog and I will follow you. Excellent article as usual Ally!

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