New Look Compass

By Anthony Lucero

The colleges Compass News is a vital establishment in helping keep a well-informed student body. In a day where students are most likely to get their news from behind a monitor or screen it is equally important that students have a source that is not wired but instead in print; where the news gained all its glory. The Compass News is looking to create its own glory as they pawn their new slogan “Navigating campus news from all angles.” The revamped slogan is just one of the many changes readers can expect this semester from the “new look” Compass News

“Our staff has set its sights high to bring SCCC a quality award-winning newspaper to be proud of” stated professor and Compass News faculty advisor Anita Leibowitz when asked what readers could expect this year from the Compass. A former career newspaper reporter, turned communications professor, Leibowitz brings an insight and guidance that her student staff producing the Compass can greatly appreciate.Being a former editor-in-chief at her college newspaper at Adelphi University, Leibowitz understands the commitment and drive the position calls for. Given this new editor-in-Chief Julianne Mosher has a tall task ahead of her.

Mosher, a journalism major, along with new Managing Editor Nicole Allegrezza, also a journalism major, have their minds set on bringing a breath of fresh air to a Compass newspaper that many believed was in need of one. “This year is a fresh start and we’re on our way to winning awards” Allegrezza proclaimed on her expectations for the Compass. Mosher added that readers can expect “a more student oriented paper”. If anything can be taken form these two it’s the amount of passion and dedication both have put into their craft to put out their best work.

Now of course Mosher and Allegrezza cannot do it alone and they don’t as they have a devoted cast of writers, editors, and contributors helping pave the way to success. When it comes to the expectations for the Compass staff, with so many new comers, an eagerness to gather a larger reading audience is a common goal. When it comes to what readers can expect to find within the pages of the paper, readers will be treated to what writer and Compass News contributor Marissa Martinelli describes a “more organized and creative” Compass News as well as a “broader range of topics being covered”. Writer Anthony Piacentini expects “A bigger better Compass that will be more popular with students.” And a bigger and better Compass has already been delivered as the staff worked through the summer in order to publish the back-to-school issue of the Compass News that students can now pick up.

It took passion and dedication to get the back to school issue out and it was something that advisor Leibowitz has taken into account. She commands her “devoted team of students” as they continue “working very hard to produce a quality newspaper to serve the SCCC readership” In the recent issue, readers were previewed to what type of coverage they will be receiving this semester. The issue featured both school news that mattered, as well as nation news in relation to the student body. There was a feature section covering a college band, and even a fashion section presenting the new fads for the new semester. Opinions were shared, Arts and entertainment was covered and both local and national sports saw print. The hard work put forth this summer was clearly seen in the first issue and if it’s any sign of things to come readers should be excited.

The bar has been set high for the Compass staff and they intend to deliver. For the first time in a long while the schools newspaper has two journalism majors in the two highest positions of the paper, this along with a dedicated staff has led to the Compasses new look. With a revived layout featuring the Compass logo, newly tokened slogan, and wider range of coverage readers will be presented with a visually appealing, informative, and relevant campus newspaper that they can be proud of.

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  1. Good article Anthony! It looks like The Compass is in very capable hands!

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