New Life Science Building: We Need Your Support

By Malcolm Williams

Like the sound of students emanating through the campus walls of the College, the same is for the curiosity that flows perpetually through their minds every day they walk about the Ammerman campus and see no evidence of the promised and long awaited construction of the New Life Science building.

Many people may ask the popular question of, “What is the New Life Science Building”? Well, the New Life Science building is a proposed massive work of art, the very sight of the building is meant to fill all students and professors alike with pure bliss. The concept for this building was very precisely chosen by professional architectural engineers in the 2011 Green Education Design Showcase. This building is not only supposed to be candy for the eyes, but also a place where students can commune, not only in the classroom but just in everyday campus life.

Will this be a guaranteed success? The answer is yes. The Ammerman campus already has places where students meet to either do their work, or just to get to know one another better. The school’s cafeteria and library are two perfect examples of what was previously mentioned. There is also one other thing these two buildings have in common that isn’t so spectacular to mention, at times, and that is their over crowdedness.

In the past year and a half I have been at Suffolk I have noticed how hard it can be to find a seat in the library,especially on the days when the workloads get even heavier and students bombard the building, packing the area completely. So the construction of the New Life Science building could help ease some of that tension, by relocating students to a separate but equally comfortable area. In order for the construction of this building to be a success, student and professor support is a must.

But with every great dream, there is always a great obstacle. In the last years I have heard talks of the building by professors and online articles boasting the claim , but when you travel around the campus, oddly enough, everyone seems to know except a lot of the students, probably because we have a lot of new students flowing in every year and they’re not being educated on the matter by teachers or other school officials. The great saying is seeing is believing, so where in the world is the campus? I will tell you exactly where; it is still a blueprint on some architect’s working desk. The reason for this act of cruelty, for being such a tease to the student population, is a lack of funds.

According to Newsday, “Suffolk County Community College has thrown out all bids for a new $28.5 million life science building on the Selden campus because the lowest bid came in $1.3 million over budget. College officials say they are reviewing the bids to see where cuts can be made, but the architect for the project says the project could be rebid as early as next month without a loss of space, and construction”…

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