Free Movie Night on Grant and Eastern campuses

By Kevin Clarkson

The Ammerman Campus Activities Board will host their first movie night of the semester on Sept. 14 at the Grant and Eastern campuses.

The Campus Activity Board (CAB) decides to host movie nights throughout the semester on all three campuses. The movies are not only free to students and faculty, but anyone and everyone that would like to attend.

“Most of the time, we have older students who bring their children and some even bring dates. We usually host about two movie nights a month, on every other Friday,” Kevin Ghandi, CAB board member said.

Both the Grant and Eastern campuses will host their first movie night of the semester on the Sept. 14. The Grant campus will be having their showing of Madagascar 3 at 7:30 pm in the Sagtikos Van Nostgrand Theatre. The Eastern campus will also have their showing of Madagascar 3 in the Shinnecock building in room 119 at 7pm. The Ammerman campus will also be hosting movie night events later on this semester sometime in late September or October due to a complication with equipment and availability of space.

Last semester the CAB was successful by offering five movie night viewings in the month of September alone. The board also provides free popcorn at all of their movies, and sells other movies snacks and refreshments at the concession stands outside of the viewing before each movie begins. For more  information you can contact the Grant office of Campus Activities Office at 631-851-6702, the Eastern office of Campus Activities in the Peconic Building room 119 or by telephone at 631-548-2522, or the Ammerman Campus Activities Office in the Babylon Student Center or by telephone at 631-451-4376.

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