Activities Day; And Why YOU Should Join A Club On Campus

Activities Day Festivities

By Julia Catalano

Statistics show Community College is great for the first two years, and getting an Associate’s Degree. But, what happens when you’re transferring, and you lack what other students have? What if your GPA is a 3.6 and all your competitors have a 3.8 when applying to a new school? What do college’s look for in order to determine who gets accepted to new schools? Experience and extra-curricular activities is the answer. The Ammerman Campus has a lot to offer for a transferring student.

Activities Day took place on Wednesday, Sept. 5. Numerous campus clubs gathered in the Babylon Student Center to offer a viewing, and an open invite to all students who are interested in joining a club. Whether students were only interested in learning about what each club is about or if students came specifically to sign themselves up, Activities Day was very successful with its aim of offering new extra activities to college students.

“It’s fun to see all the different student activities around the campus. It opens our eyes to the future,” said Ahmed Syed, Liberal Arts student.

Clubs such as the Fashion club, Campus Activity Board, Gay-Straight Alliance, the writers of the Compass, Philosophy, Italian Club, and many more set up their tables all over of the Babylon Student Center last Wednesday. Each club displayed their posters, free giveaways, flyers, and sign-up sheets to those who were interested.

“I think it’s awesome that we have so many different clubs and interests on the campus, I didn’t even know half of these clubs existed but it’s definitely going to look great on my resume when I’m signed up for these fun activities,” said student Lauren Rae.

“Unfortunately, I came to Activities Day specifically because I’m interested in joining the Art Club, and that club was the only one not there. The president of the club graduated, and the adviser was at another school. I woke up early for this club’s sign up, because I knew it would be worth it to join, so I’m pretty upset that I wasn’t able to sign up today, ” said art student Maggie Brown.

Students look forward to Activities Day for numerous reasons. A club exists for every student’s interest, and not only are these clubs fun and free, they definitely look great on paper when transferring to a new school. Understanding that college students have busy schedules with work, class, homework, social life, and everything else, the clubs that are offered only meet once a week for one hour, ensuring the convenience of students.

“So far today’s going great. We have a lot of people joining and learning about what we do. I have a lot of big plans for the paper and I think today is bringing new people in and opening their minds to The Compass and our work.” said Julianne Mosher, Editor in Chief of The Compass Newspaper.

Activities Day was successful in opening the eyes of students, and showing them how simple it is to get involved. Getting involved is fun, free, and easy. Every student is welcomed to join a new club and make new friends and hobbies as they go.

“I’m so happy that our school has these clubs on campus. It’s actually really fun, and I met a lot of cool people. I plan on transferring to the Fashion Institute of Technology next year and being that the school is competitive, having extracurricular activities on my resume can really show the school that I have experience and interest in what I major in, ” said Theresa Rather, sophomore fashion design major.

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