Ammerman Traffic Issues Abound

Traffic Awaiting anyone leaving the Ammerman Parking Lot.

By: Stephen Overbeck

When a student approaches Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) in the morning, one would expect to be filled with joy, or sadness from their classes to follow through the day. On the other hand, the biggest woe of the morning drive to the Ammerman Campus seems to be the outrageous increase in traffic flow throughout the streets of the campus.

As students pull into the first circle to enter the college’s main entrance, they come to a screeching halt from time to time to behold a line of cars stretching throughout the entirety of the campus. Ammerman Campus student James McGuiness addressed me with this when I questioned him about the traffic issues plaguing the campus daily. “It took me 45 minutes to simply get around the campus to the Ammerman building lot, that’s how bad the traffic here is now.” The main issue seems to be the rather large influx of morning class takers this semester. As it seems, there were an average of more than 100 cars seen driving and parking throughout the lots, more cars than any other year previously; as reported by a public safety officer working on campus.

This new issue of parking is not only plaguing the student’s minds, but also the staff of the college. As i could overhear a security guard scream out, “This is the worst traffic I have ever seen in my years here, what could be the possible cause of such a thing?” He was commenting on this due to the fact that the school security, and public safety officials have had to act as traffic cops, and guide traffic turns near the Ammerman lot; it has been that bad for people coming in and out of the college. I caught up with Student Michael O’Conner in the lunchroom to discuss the traffic issues to find he like many others is yet another concerned student with the traffic issue, “I was stuck waiting to turn out of the parking lot for 25 minutes before I was finally able to nudge my way out successfully with all the traffic.” According to the scheduling available on the college website, an average of 25 classes has been added to the morning schedule for this semester as compared to those of the past.

The traffic causes may be the new rise of students taking earlier classes, or it may be the school’s location of certain classes that are required for majors to be placed only in the morning. These classes being only at the Ammerman campus causes the flow of students to increase from the other campuses into Ammerman itself. Cause for concern with the traffic influx in the Ammerman campus is the issue that students are arriving more and more frequently late to class, causing stresses further upon the teachers, as well as the students. The students of the college deserve to be better equipped with more lanes; something must be done soon as traffic and early classes continue to skyrocket in popularity within the Ammerman campus, or this influx of traffic could just be a precusor to an even larger issue that may result in future semesters.

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