Parking Issues Abound

By Ally Lashley
        As a typical Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) student drives onto the pavement of the Ammerman Campus roadways; one should prepare themselves for the horrors soon to ensue. Welcome to Hell in white lined form, otherwise known as the Ammerman Campus Parking lot.
        The way this building is perched on a hill, drivers are lead into a seemingly deserted roadway; up and around the hill, cars start to appear, followed by the immediate miles of traffic. Any student, parent, or professor driving around Ammerman campus can relate to this obvious dramatic downward spiral of the campus’ parking lot this semester.
        On a busy afternoon, literally hundreds of cars are racing up and down the Ammerman Campus roadways. The ridiculous behavior by all drivers in each parking lot at the college has been a reoccurring problem this semester. The new drivers on campus, as well, add to the crazy antics. Cars driving on roads clearly advising “DO NOT ENTER”, not applying turning signals, speeding, and exhibiting road rage are just the beginnings of what can be observed around every parking lot on the Ammerman Campus.
I can’t forget the best of all; students have begun to create their own parking spots. Around each separate parking lot on the campus, dozens of cars can be spotted in illegal “parking” spaces. Students park on the grass, next to the sidewalk, or even on top of the sidewalk; all in favor (fear?) of getting to class “on-time.” There seems to be no more rules when it comes to parking this semester, or at least that is what some students think.
     I caught student Nikki Denimark having trouble finding a decently close spot to park her van. “This is my forth semester at the Ammerman Campus, and this is the worst I have ever seen the parking lot.” Miss Denimark does not mind the walking part when it comes to parking her van far from the building, but must arrive to school 30 minutes before class starts, despite her commute to the college being under 10 minutes.
Not just this student, but every student who commutes to Ammerman Campus can relate to the horrible parking issues. Miss Denimark lives the legal way of life, and will park her van hundreds of feet from the building to park in a white lined spot, while other drivers-not so much. Other drivers feel the need to create their own way of parking their cars in the lots.
This parking problem is serious enough to the point where students just pull up, and over the curb, and onto the grass. A student in his Audi decides to do just that on a typically busy Wednesday afternoon, right outside the Islip Arts building. As this student exits his car he states, “This is ridiculous; I literally could care less where I park at this point.” I asked this student if he would start to care if his “parking spot” would give him a ticket. He replies with, “Everyone else is doing it, they can’t ticket us all.”
That’s where this student’s thought process goes wrong. Almost every car in an illegal parking spot on the Ammerman Campus received the beautifully colored pink slip on their windshield, a menacing $150 parking ticket. A random survey done in the cafeteria at Ammerman campus shows that eight out of ten students took longer than 20 minutes from when they got to school to find a parking spot and make their way to class. 
     Students have given up when it comes to parking at the Ammerman Campus. Not just the Ammerman building’s parking lot, but every parking lot at this campus has its own unique traffic, and parking issues. Something needs to be done to these parking lots quickly to ensure that school work is the only problem facing them as they find their way onto campus.
Parking troubles at the college should not cause so much trouble for students when they already have much to deal with in their own lives.

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  1. Sorry to hear this is a problem! Excellent article Ally!

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