Grant Campus Gallery Opening

By Cody Prawicka

Are you a fan of sculptures, paintings, and other forms of intriguing and new art? Then the new opening of the outdoor Captree Lobby Gallery at the Grant campus is an event you must attend.
The college will hold this event in the Grant campus in Brentwood. This incredible new gallery showcases the talents of the college’s art majors and really shows the true potential and creativity that these students put their hearts into.

The college wishes that any art fanatic or major be at this opening for it will showcase the newest pieces that the students have been working on. Not that much of an art fan? Don’t worry, this outdoor event is just a way to explore other campuses of the college and meet new people that may give you insight into their work that is a part of the gallery.
After the event there will be a reception where food and drinks will be served for those who attend, not only will this be a critical moment for the art department for the college but it was also throw the artists involved out to the world with a piece of their work held under their name.

If you are interested in attending the opening of the gallery contact the Campus Activities department at 631-851-6702. There is no admission fee or limited number of spots so all are welcome. The opening begins at 3:30 p.m-6:30 p.m. so be sure that if this may be of intrest to you be free that day!

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