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Find Out How To Start a Club on Campus

By Alyson Feis

Students interested in starting a new club on campus can find out how to do so by attending one of the colleges “How To Start A Club” workshops at the Selden Campus.

The next workshop will be held on October 5, in the Eaton’s Neck room, located in the northeastern corner of the cafeteria, at 11am. The college currently has over 65 clubs on campus, the list will continue to grow as students like you get involved! Students can start a club shaped around a unique hobby, interest, art, ideology, or anything else you can think of!

However, you must attend one of the workshops if you intend on creating a club on campus this semester. Students unable to attend the October 5 workshop can mark their calendars for the next workshop which will take place on November 7, at 11am in the Orient Point room located on the second floor of the Babylon Student Center.

For more information regarding the “How To Start A Club” workshop contact Frank Vino by phone at (631) 451-4814, or by email at

A Fashion Fierce Bake Sale

By Julia Catalano

On Monday, Oct. 1, the Fashion Club, one of the Ammerman Campus’ most original clubs will be hosting several bake sales around campus.

Aside from selling plenty of baked goods in several different locations of the campus, this club will also be showing their spirit while doing so.

“The fashion club is all about finding your inner Diva and being fabulous.”  says Fashion Club secretary Mikhail Jeanclaude leabaux.

“Our club members strive to look their absolute best at all times therefore we especially like to present ourselves as fabulous as possible during our events and fundraisers.”

The Fashion club will be dressing up in their most alluring and flirtatious aprons to signify what the Fashion Club is all about.

The will be three bake sale tables set up around campus. The Babylon Student Center, Smithtown Science, and Riverhead buildings will all have tables set up for all to indulge in.

The money will be going towards the Fashion Club and their big plans for the semester such as on-campus fashion shows, a club trip to NYC, and more! Be sure to show your support to this one of a kind, fun and fabulous group of students this Monday.

Some Dreams Never Die

By Kevin Clarkson

Women’s soccer forward and team captain, Danielle Perri is one of the most passionate and energetic players that the school has; but almost gave up the sport completely.

As a little girl, Perri grew up in Commack, New York where she learned how to love and play the game of soccer. At an early age of three, she learned the game from her older brother, Dean, who taught her the basic skills of the game.

“I’m nineteen now and he is still my trainer. I always seek advice from him after games, I always want to improve” Perri said.

Growing up she describes playing for the same club team her whole life, the “Commack Crushers” who have since became the “HBC Crushers”. She explains how she loves the team and some of the challenges she faced.

“All the girls were a year or two older than me and it was a great way for me to play at a higher level, and to experience challengers that would help me prepare for my future as a soccer player,” Perri added.She also continues to include her love and passion for the game itself.

“I think I loved the game before I even knew what the “game” was. Watching my brother play made me love the game and that was shown from how I grasped onto soccer so fast. My main reason for the love of the game is being able to express myself. I love being energetic and passionate. Soccer is my way to relieve stress and have fun,” Perri said.

After starting to play with her club team for a number of years, Perri went on to play for the Commack school district. As a freshman, she made the varsity squad, but suffered a serious setback on the last day of tryouts.

Perri rehashed an injury she suffered first in middle school,”I was diagnosed with an avulsion fracture to my left hip…I wouldn’t be able to play until midway through the season, but my coach didn’t mind” Perri mentions.

After months of rehab, Perri finished out her freshman season with her head held high on the varsity squad looking for a promising sophomore season. She continued to play for her club team during the summer, to work on her skills and improve her all-around game. Then in September of 2009, she again had another major setback, she tore her ACL. An ACL injury is one of the hardest to recover from as an athlete, which usually takes anywhere from six months to two years for the ACL to properly heal. Some notable athletes who have torn their ACL are Tiger Woods, Derek Rose, Adrian Peterson, and most recently Darelle Revis.

“It was a rainy day, with sticky mud…I went up for a 50/50 ball, when I jumped up my left knee stuck to the ground from the mud and when I landed my ACL tore in half. I knew right away it was a serious injury…I tried to walk it off, my knee just kept giving out” Perri describes.

After an MRI revealed she had torn her ACL, Dr. Stephen J. Nicholas of Commack performed surgery. After the surgery, Perri spent the next nine months rehabbing and trying to get back into playing condition to once again step on the field. Even after recovery though, Perri was not the same.

“I gave soccer up for two years after everything I did for those nine months to get back. I always had the heart and desire to play, I just got caught up with concentrating on school and working,” Perri said. “When I came to Suffolk, I saw a sign for the women’s soccer team. I immediately emailed Coach Christina McMahon. Without her, I do not believe I would be playing soccer. She encouraged me, just like she does with everyone and brought me back to the soccer player I knew I always was…When I tore my ACL, I thought everything I had ever dreamed of regarding soccer would never happen…Here I am now. I am a proud player for Suffolk”, Perri adds, “I guess some dreams never die”.

Although Perri has overcome multiple injuries over her playing career, she remains focused on not personal achievements, but team accomplishments. Last season she was awarded, “The Coaches” award and this year she was named captain, but she notes,

“Personal awards are not what I play for. I play for a team championship; that is the greatest award that can be given”.

So far this season, the Sharks have posted a (1-4) overall record, but won their first two scrimmage games of the season for a total of three wins. The overall win total is already better than all of last season. Perri encourages all readers and fans to come out and support the sharks at their next home game, vs. Howard Community College on September 29 at 1pm.

Being Fit At Suffolk.

By Kevin Pannhurst

Here at Suffolk’s Ammerman campus you’ll find a lot of way to keep in shape or to get into shape. It doesn’t really matter if you’re trying to gain muscle or lose some fat; we’ve got stuff for everyone.

In the past couple of years there’s been a new health craze with fitness. A lot of people are working hard and sculpting themselves into muscular master pieces. You can do that here at the college with our wide range of workout availability and dedication.

In the Brookhaven Gym there is a weight room which is open for classes and free time during set hours. Which is much better than paying a subscription to an expensive gym when you have one at your school for free. If’ you’re looking to build muscle there are plenty of smith machines, benches, and free weights available to every student who wishes to use it granted they have their student ID. If you’re looking for some instruction on how to reach your goal there are classes you can sign up for to meet those physical education requirements. An example of one of the classes would be weight lifting, where you are given tasks to complete every class. There’s also the class Body Toning which will give you a decent challenge. It will also teach you that body weight is also a good way to stay in shape. If you’ve got no idea what you’re doing and looking to get started there are people in the room who will show you proper workouts and form. Like in most gym’s there are people friendly enough to spot you when needed, so don’t be afraid to ask. However, there are set times where the weight room is available for anyone to use. A copy of the schedule isn’t very hard to find, take a look outside the offices. Be warned, come prepared to workout in shorts or pajamas and sneakers or you won’t be able to use the weight room.

“The weight room and cardio room are free to all SCCC students. I think it’s a great opportunity for the students to stay active, utilizing top of the line equipment at no charge. If a student has downtime during the day between class, they can take advantage of the facility. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, increase cognitive function, reduce the risk of many cognitive diseases, and to feel great about yourself.”  Stacy Whitman a Physical Education professor had to say.

Just across from the weight room is our Cardio Room where you can find many people working up a sweat. Inside there are treadmills and ellipticals which you can use to get that heart pumping and that fat burning. The Cardio room follows the same schedule as the weight room. So whether it’s a lifting day or a cardio day, both rooms will be open. If you just feel like jogging, there’s always the track that people are always using. Of course after a good workout you’ll probably be all sweaty, which in both the men’s and woman’s locker room there are showers there for you to use.

There’s more than just the Weight Room and Cardio Room. Many classes at Suffolk focus on staying in shape and getting active. Alongside the classes mentioned earlier there are classes such as: Kickboxing, Jogging, Walking, Volleyball, Tennis, and bowling. The list goes on and on. The only thing is some classes are located off campus, such as Bowling or Rock Climbing. All of these classes will help you get moving, and what’s wrong with a bit of fun while you earn credits toward your degree?

Another important part of working out is eating the right food. It’s a major part in the working out scheme. Our cafeteria has a wide selection of food that you can eat to help stay healthy. My personal choice would be the grilled chicken sandwich off the grilled menu. A common tip in the weightlifting community is to cut soda and fast food out of your diet.

With all of these things at our college why not take advantage of it and get yourself into good shape. You’ll learn about a new hobby that you never thought would be interesting and fun. The most important thing to do is learn to eat right, and your halfway there. Please keep in mind; you shouldn’t push yourself past your limits. Liftiing out of your ability can leave you physically exhausted for days, more so then from a typical workout. A Permanent injury is not fun and as the name describes it’s permanent. So be sure to always warm up before any kind of physical activity to help not pull a muscle, and to help you put in 100%. Know your limits and do not over train yourself because that will just lead to injuries; and don’t forget to seek advice on beginning a new workout routine.

Take a Trip to Broadway

By Cody Prawicka

Are you a fan of Broadway plays? If so then you are in for a treat because
On Tuesday October 2 the college is taking a handful of student to see the new Broadway play Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. The play is highlighted with performances by Reeve Carney as Spiderman/ Peter Parker in his first ever role, and also starring Patrick Page playing the sinister super-villain known as the Green Goblin. Page is also known for his roles in Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King.

If you are interested in attending this event do not wait since tickets are numbered. For full time student’s admission fee is $35 as for part time it is $40. If you are a part of the college’s faculty and staff the admission fee is $45. There is a ticket limit of one ticket per college I.D. This trip is for the 7:30 P.M. showing so show up at parking lot seven before 3:30.

Do not miss out on seeing this extraordinary play with Tony award nominations in costume design and scenic design, with also a Drama Desk award nomination for Patrick Page for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical. So do not let this critically acclaimed Broadway experience web sling out of your sights, go purchase a ticket before they are all sold out!
For questions about ticket purchases contact the Office of Campus Activities at 631-451-4375

Horror-SciFi Club in Time for Halloween


By CodyPrawicka                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Are you interested in ghosts, zombies, vampires, gore, and just getting the ever loving pants scared off you? Then the Horror Sci-Fi Club is the place for you!

The Horror Sci-Fi club is run by Dr. William Burns of the English Department at the Ammerman Campus. For those of you who don’t know he is also the Writing Center Coordinator for the Ammerman Campus. However a Horror Sci-Fi club could mean a different number of things; so what exactly is the Horror Sci-Fi Club? “The Horror Sci-Fi Club is a club for all students who love horror and science fiction books, TV shows and movies, as well as comic books and graphic novels. We are also interested in the paranormal, the esoteric, the underground, and the mysterious. If it’s weird, surreal, or other-worldly, we are into it.”

Students who feel passionately about horror genre of film as well as literature might agree that this a great idea for a club. However, as you may know some club are not open to all students. There are pre-requisites to some clubs but, Dr. Burns explained this is not the case for Horror Sci-Fi, “All full and part time students at SCCC are welcome. I am co-advisor with Professor Greg Gudelinis. Occasionally past members and officers have come back to visit us.” Students will be very surprised that this club was open to all of the colleges students not just those who go to the Ammerman Campus.

If you’re a big fan of horror films like The Exorcist and Halloween because let’s face it, when you’re a young adult or teenager you love to be frightened and see things that you have never seen before. Plus if you’re a guy, you can’t resist when you take your date to a horror movie and something pops out she screams n hugs you for dear life.

However most people would be curious to what kind of films would the club be watching or have watched since there are so many to choose from. Burns said, ” We have shown lots of movies such as A Clockwork Orange, Zombie, They Live, Dead Snow, Dune, Dark City, The Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, The Brood. We usually show two movies per semester: one movie is chosen by the club members and one is chosen by the club officers.”
Most film critics would agree that all of these films are considered to be revolutionary and cult classics for the horror genre so horror fans will very excited and intrigued to find out what other films the club would be showing.Even if you are not a huge fan of horror, don’t overlook this gem that the college has to offer. Dr. Burns doesn’t only look at these films as a source of entertainment he sees it as an art form as well.

One thing you will learn by getting involved in this club is that watching a movie and analyzing a film are two different things. One example, A Clockwork Orange, you’ll dive into the mind of the director and understand the little sudden parts of the movie that you haven’t noticed before. In essence it’s a very different yet interesting way to look at not just a horror film but any film.

Out of all the clubs that the college has to offer only one question remains for Dr. Burns Out of all the different clubs the college has to offer like the literature club, the history club, the art club etc. what made him want to make a club that focuses on the horror sci-fi genre among anything else? He replied “I started the club because I love horror and science fiction. I have been an obsessive fan since I was a child. I was always told that these interests would warp me or turn me into a lunatic so I feel sort of vindicated that we have a club at a college with such great people that can celebrate these genres.”

It really is a good thing to see someone who’s so passionate about something and willing to share it with the college’s students. If you’re interested in joining or even attending the Horror Sci-fi Club meetings are on Wednesdays at 11am at the Ammerman Campus room 203 of the Islip Arts building. If you have any questions you can email Dr. Burns at Don’t waste time join the Horror Sci-fi Club today just in time for Halloween!

Yom Kippur ?

– Malcolm Williams

On September 26, 2012 Suffolk County Community College and many other schools will be closing for the day to observe the holiday of Yom Kippur. To some of us, if not most, it is just another day free from class but to others it is much more. To others it is a day of renewal, a day to put away the old and usher in the new as a better and stronger person. Now that we now this, well then how do those who celebrate Yom Kippur actually usher in the new and put away the old?

For those who are unfamiliar with the holiday, according to Hebrew translation Yom Kippur means “Day of Atonement”. Atonement is defined as making a payment for a wrong done. With that said the basis of Yom Kippur is to ask God for forgiveness. Although this is a Jewish holiday it is contrary to Christian beliefs. Why? because most people of the Jewish or Israeli denomination do not believe in Jesus Christ, so they don’t believe a messiah ever came to free them from their sins, so they still partake in some of the traditions of the Old Testament that aren’t everlasting commandments, like for example not eating the fat of an animal, is proscribed as an everlasting statute, mainly because the fat of the animal was offered as an offering. So they still eat only Kosher meats.  The traditions of Yom Kippur have changed tremendously from how it was performed by the ancient Hebrews until now. In that the Ancient Hebrews sacrificed certain animals and sprinkled the blood of those animals on the horns of the altar, for it is the blood of the sin offering of atonement. Why did they use blood? Because it believed that it is spirit that makes atonement for the soul, because it is the spirit that gives life to the flesh.  This is the most traditional way Yom Kippur is celebrated.

Banned Book Week 2012

By Kevin Clarkson

During the last week of September, Banned Books Week will celebrate 30 years of awareness across the country; our college especially is joining in the festivities.

Banned Books Week is an event that celebrates the freedom to read and write. The English department will once again host this week’s events. Dr. William Burns is just one of the many faculty members that will be participating in the events that will transpire next week.

“Banned Books Week was created to draw attention to censorship of books in schools and infringements on free speech,” Dr.Burns explains. “We have had a few events at Suffolk over the years but this is the first time we are doing presentations and the read out”.

The American Library Association (ALA) created Banned Book week back in 1982. This week brings special recognition to not only books that have been censored, but to censorship as a whole. As not only students, but as citizens of the United States, everyone is given the first amendment, which is the freedom of speech, religion, and press. Expressing the first amendment is a vital part of Banned Books week.

Dr.Burns expresses his beliefs, “I feel that of all our basic rights, the freedom of expression is the most important, yet it is the right that people are of then willing to let go without questioning it. Asking why something is censored or banned is a revolutionary act and it is protected by the Constitution. Without freedom of expression, academic freedom is impossible”.

Banned Book week at school will be on Tuesday October 2 and Wednesday October 3 with the following agenda:

Tuesday October 2, there will be a series of presentations on banned books starting at 9am in the Eaton’s Neck Room (the old Faculty Dining Room) in the Babylon Student Center.

-9-9:30: Informal Informational Session about Banned Books Week and the American Library Association
-9:30-10:45: Droogs and Nymphets: Banning Anthony Burgess and Vladimir Nabokov (William Burns)
-11:00-12:15: Censorship and Literature: A Discussion with Professors Emily Lauer, Audrey DeLong, and Maria Kranidis
-12:30-1:45: Book Banning and the ACLU (Jennifer Farquhar and Kevin McCoy)
-2:00-3:15: To Teach or Not to Teach?: Banned Books in the Classroom (Kelliann Flores and Meridith Leo)

Dr. Burns notes, “We are inviting all members of the SCCC Community to come and are encouraging instructors to bring their classes”.

On Wednesday October 3, the English department is hosting the Read-Out to Fight Censorship on the steps in front of Huntington Library.

“We are asking the SCCC Community to join us at Common Hour (11:00am-12:15pm) for a reading of banned books on the steps of the Huntington Library on the Ammerman Campus! Bring a banned book to the Huntington Library and speak out for freedom of expression,” Dr. Burns said.

Some of the many books that are on the banned books list include, The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, The Grapes of Wrath, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Color Purple and 1984. For further information on the banned books visit or for information about the events on campus please contact Dr. William Burns or Professor Meridith Leo of the English Department.

Creativity Spread Through Tumblr

By Ally Lashley

The internet has created many ingenious sites for people to learn all about the world through a computer screen. Of these sites, is the most interesting site any person can come across.

Welcome to Tumblr, an underground blogging site for teenagers to adults, this site has created a new outlook on the world for internet users and bloggers alike. Tumblr allows you to express yourself through the millions and millions of pictures either posted originally by the blogger or found from other sites. This site consists of re-blogging, liking, and hash tagging pictures of anything and everything. Re-blogging on Tumblr can be compared to liking on Facebook, but with way more depth.

Each picture has a different amount of notes, which means how many times the picture has been re-blogged. A picture can have anywhere from 1 to one million notes. Infinite scrolling completes this site’s look, allowing viewers to scroll constantly through thousands of pictures, quotes, videos, and music.

Through Tumblr, people can find pictures of anything really. From a picture of Einstein and his therapist, to New York Fashion Week runway details, and quotes by Nietzsche and Hemingway, this site literally has it all. Tumblr has over 60 million blogs, all at your fingertips to explore. Founded in 2007 by 26-year-old David Karp, this site is a blogging “platform for creativity”, commented Karp to the New York Times. The level of creativity available on this site cannot be found anywhere else.

If you’re following the correct type of blogs on Tumblr you have the chance to gain vast knowledge of popular culture all over the world. The 60 million blogs belong to 60 million different people, with their own special stories and lives. Bloggers on Tumblr have the power to enhance the knowledge of hundreds of people around the world on any topic they see fit based on who follows them.

Tumblr is an amazing site because of the power of just simply re-blogging a picture. The fairly recent Mexican Revolution, for example, had created one of the biggest protests in world history, but has been banned by the media. The US media, and the UK media have ignored this story, but Tumblr bloggers live for ignored media. Tumblr bloggers have posted a single picture of the mass amount of humans standing in the city of Mexico protesting. The Mexican protest photo has over 35,000 notes.

Another perfect example of Tumblr’s benefits is finding out the truth in a questionable area, the example being McDonald’s food. Through Tumblr, bloggers probably already know about the pink gooey substance that all McDonald’s meat products are made out of. This gooey pink substance includes chicken beaks, feet, tongues, bones, pretty much every piece of the chicken except the meat. The substances are then drowned in ammonia, cooked up, and shipped out to McDonald’s stores. Without Tumblr, people are deprived of information that should otherwise be available to everyone.

Tumblr has changed the life of many bloggers, especially me. I have around 400 followers, and I always feel confident to post whatever I feel on Tumblr without being judged, because that is just how the site is. One of my favorite posts on Tumblr has to be a quote from a certain teenage blogger, “I always thought I was weird and different, and then I joined Tumblr, only to discover there is a whole bunch of us.”

Free MMR Immunizations offered Sept. 27

By Julio Avila

Students who want, or need to get an MMR (mumps- measles- rubella) vaccine will now have the chance. On Thursday, Sept. 27, MMR vaccinations will be given, free of charge at the Eastern Campus in Riverhead, in the Montauket Library Building in room 107 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m..

This vaccine is required for anyone born after Jan. 1, 1957 as well as for students, who attend the College, as well as any other place that requires this vaccine such as certain employment, military recruitment, and even students who plan on traveling internationally.

Mumps, Measles, and Rubella are serious diseases as stated by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). According to the CDC, all of these diseases are viruses, and can be contracted, and spread by breathing, sneezing, coughing, and touching.

The following are the symptoms and effects of each virus, in case students should contract one of these diseases:

The symptoms of mumps are a fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, loss of appetite, and swelling of salivary glands giving the infected person the look of having puffed cheeks.

Symptoms of Measles are fever, runny nose, cough, and a rash all around the body. Measles will affect the respiratory system as the virus spreads through the linings of the throat, and lungs.

Rubella, also known as the German measles is an acute virus, and may only cause a fever and rash; but can be detrimental towards pregnant women as the virus can affect the fetus. Rubella could cause deafness, cataracts, heart defects, mental retardation, and liver and spleen damage to the fetus.

More information regarding these viruses can be found on the CDC’s website at
Any student who needs to receive this vaccine and fails to get it will be suspended from attending the college. Students also run the risk of catching the virus and spreading it along with the other infections students are likely to catch as the fall, and winter seasons approach.