Sports Options Aplenty for Students

By Matthew DeBragga   

      Many students are unaware of the different benefits offered to them by being enrolled as a full time student here at Suffolk. One such benefit is the low cost of membership to the school’s health sports and education center. Full time students can get a full membership to this facility located on the Grant campus for only sixty dollars! Included in a membership to this fitness center are such programs and facilities as any public health club would offer such as free weights, cardiovascular machines, aerobics classes, tennis courts, locker rooms, saunas, even an eight lane pool!

       The school stresses physical fitness and education to all of its students by requiring two sports credits be earned no matter what degree the student is pursuing. Not everyone has to be an athlete in order to earn their sports credits, many low impact classes are offered like tennis, dance, and even a class that simply involves walking! Some students gripe about this mandatory physical exertion that is a requirement for a degree, “It’s annoying, I don’t want to have to work out” says Melissa Hall, nineteen, a liberal arts major freshman. “I don’t mind it but I wish it was not mandatory, I think school should just be about learning, physical stuff should be on your own time.” says twenty year old Kevin Kalberer. The mood appears to be split and it is certainly a hot button issue depending on who you ask, but one thing is certain, the facilities and options are abundant, so at least there is something for everyone

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  1. Physical fitness is of course very necessary because we want to live longer and we want to avoid some lifestyle disease like diabetes. ;.”‘:

    Enjoy your weekend!

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