Students Are His Life

By Mike Monti

Not many professors care about their students as much as they care about their own life. However, there is one professor at the college that does.

Professor Alan Weber, assistant professor of health and human services. Weber has had an effect on most of the students that he has taught in his teaching career.

One class that Weber taught was in the College Success Program. It was in this class that Weber had an effect on the lives of three of his students, Gina Luciano, Nico Governara, and Stephanie Hymowitz. It was in this class that Weber taught these students important life lessons on how to succeed in college.

“P. Webs turned out to be an amazing professor,” said Luciano. P Webs was the nickname that was given to Weber during the 2009 College Success class. “He taught you important steps on how to become a good college student.”

“The one lesson I remember the most and still use is the one he taught us on were to sit in the class,” said Luciano. “He told us that the best seat in the class to sit in were the front and down the middle. He referred to it as the T.”

“I remember the first day of class,” said Governara.

“I didn’t want to be there at all and the fact that I didn’t know anyone made it worst. However, P. Webs had a lot of different ways to get each student’s interact and get to know each other.”

“The way he taught was really interesting,” Governara said. “He didn’t move on until everyone knew what the lesson was about. One of the best things about his classes was he related them to life experiences.”

“The best project we had in this class was when we had to bring in something we do outside of school. I brought in the T-shirts I design. P. Webs can help me out on how I can expand my designs and gave me ideas on what to draw,” said Governara

“P. Webs really helped me,” said Hymowitz. “He helped me realized the kind of student that I am. By taking this class with Professor Weber, he showed me the best way to study and be a good student.”

“I think he cares a lot about his students,” said Hymowitz. “It is like his students are his kids. He does not want to see a student fail and he will help the student so they don’t. If he thinks you are having a trouble in the class he will make time to make sure you get it. This is something most professors don’t do.”

“I never want to see someone failing,” said Weber. “When my classes start I pretty much can tell which student will have a hard time. Some-times, not all the time the student might prove me wrong.”

“I like it when the student proves me wrong, it goes to show that the say you can’t judge a book by its cover is true,” Weber said.

“When I notice a student struggling I will make sure I don’t move on until they understand what we are learning. I try to relate the subjects to life events so the student can relate to what we are learning.”

Not many students have a friendly bond with their professors. However, for Professor Weber does to the point where his students came up with the nickname P. Webs for him and refer to him a P. Webs all the time. That is something really special.

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