Get Your Groove on At Club Suffolk

By Valerie Polite

Getting an education can be stressful.  With all the bills you have to pay such as tuition, textbooks, and mandatory activities fees, separating time for school, work and home, and still managing to maintain some sort of a social life, sometimes you just need to let off a little steam, let loose, and enjoy yourself.

On Thursday, April 12, the Campus Activities Board is sponsoring a dance night and invites all enrolled students to “get their groove on and dance the night away”.  The event will be held in the Babylon Student Center, room 120, on the Ammerman campus, between the hours of 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM.

If you do plan to dazzle the school with your amazing dance skills and attend, the Board would highly appreciate a non-perishable food item be brought, in order to provide snacks for your fellow dance divas.

Any questions or concerns regarding this event can be brought to the Campus Activities Board at 451-4376.  Hope so see you there!

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