Class Takes Trip to Coliseum

By Mike Monti

Most students can say they have been to the Nassau Coliseum; whether it has been for a hockey event, Disney on ice, or even a wrestling event.

Most students cannot say that they have been to the coliseum and seen all the behind the stage features to what it takes to get a hockey game to go off or the events and marketing spectrum of the Coliseum.  There is more to the Coliseum than just hockey and special events.

The Nassau Coliseum has been around since February of 1972. Since the opening the coliseum has been a landmine for some great events. The Coliseum is the home of the New York Islanders and the host of Disney on Ice.

Professor Nicholas Bosco and the Sports Marketing class/or the Business Marketing club come in to play. Professor Bosco, the Assistant Professor of Business Administration took his Sports Marketing class on a field trip on Thursday March 29, to the Nassau Coliseum.

Getting the permission to go on a field trip like this can take time to set up. “We have an ongoing relationship with the Long Island Ducks,” said Bosco. “With that we were able to build a relationship with the New York Islanders.” Bosco is hoping that with the relationship that the school has with the Ducks and the Islanders will lead to a relationship with the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks.

This is not going to be your ordinary field trip; the students on the trip are going to learn about the behind the scene work it takes to get an event in place.

“Yes, we are going to get the tour of the coliseum, but we will also are going to speak to public relations, sales, and the head of the marketing department. We are also going to see what happens with event planning,” Bosco said, in anticipation of the tour.

“The best part of this trip is  no matter what class you are in–  a marketing class, advertising, sales, management, public relations, any business related class will get something out of it,” Bosco said.

When you are at a game what you do not notice is the marketing. “When you go to a section and see a sign for Syosset Ford, that sign was just $20,000. Was it worth it for him?” Bosco also said “Syosset Ford also had the Islanders Ice Girls, he paid $30,000 for them and they didn’t do anything for him.”

So what do the students get out of the trip? What Bosco wants them to get out of it is not what you would think. “When you go to a game, not only do I want you to see a game, I want you to realize everything else that is going on.When we go to the Ducks every May, at the fourth inning I take all the students and we walk around the stadium.  If you are in my class I make you do a report on it about what is going on, what do they have? Every half inning there is an event going on. A sports area is so much more than a sport. They have little side events going on.”

“Interaction is a key part of this trip,” said Bosco. “I want the students to go and ask questions that they want to know. Every question is a smart question.”

During the trip the group is also going to be able to sit down and watch the Islanders practice for their game against the Penguins. “What I am hoping is that this relationship works out,” said Bosco. “Then we would be able to bring 150 to 200 people on the trip and possibly set up a meet and greet with the players.”

Bosco is the professor of the sport marketing class at the Ammerman campus. The effect he has on his students leaves you to believe he know what he is talking about.

“He is an amazing professor,” said Christen Nardone. “He interacts with the class and gets everyone involved in the conversation.” Nardone is in his second year at the college.

Matt Marsich in his last year at the college also had professor Bosco and when he asked about the class his response was “Bosco is the man, one of the best professors I have had.” With a reputation like this, it shows you the effect a good professor has on a student.

The trip is a chance to get your feet in the field that you would want to. It is trip that allows you to see how a major corporation works and what they expect out of their workers.

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  1. I love poking around old arenas…I’d love to go see what the old Detroit Silverdome looks like today!

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