Suffolk’s Capital Improvement Plan Sparks Interest from Students

By Dan Bruno

The college has decided to further its efforts in maintaining and improving its campuses in Brentwood, Selden and Riverhead. A capital facilities update brochure has posted to the college website, presenting students and the community with the proposed plan for renovating its facilities.

The college’s capital improvement plan includes addressing safety and security issues, improving instructional facilities, addressing deferred maintenance and achieving operational and energy efficiencies. Funding will be split evenly among state and county. At first glance, students attending college at one of our three campuses would be happy to hear the news of this improvement plan.

A concept campus picture of SCCC's new renovations. Courtesy of

“Finally they’re going to make some improvements to the Eastern campus,” said Ali Ergul, a liberal arts major at the Eastern campus. “It’s almost as if we are neglected most of the time to the main campus in Selden because the Riverhead campus has many flaws.” Some of those flaws are mentioned in the capital improvement plan, and for the Eastern campus, they can expect to set their sights on much better facilities when all is said and done in the program.

Some Eastern campus upgrades include a brand new Health and Wellness center, which is planned to be approximately 48,000 square feet, including a gymnasium, natatorium and classrooms. The design team selection is still in progress and construction is expected in 2013 with a total budget cost of $17,750,000 for this project.

“It’s great to hear that they’re finally renovating the facilities over there,” said Stephen Mandy, a former liberal arts major at the Eastern campus. “There were no athletic facilities basically and all the required gym classes were taken outside and at weird times, it was very inconvenient when I attended.”

Along the way for the Eastern campus is another new center called the Peconic One-Stop Center. Construction is scheduled to begin shortly with a low overall cost of $1,400,000 and it will centralize student services.

A new Science and Technology building is also in the works for the college’s Ammerman campus of Selden. Design is already completed, with construction scheduled for 2012. The new building will be approximately 64,000 square feet and will include a greenhouse, 11 new lab rooms, new computer rooms and classrooms and new faculty offices with a total project cost of $28,550,000.

The Ammerman campus’s warehouse also will get some renovations with both interior and exterior upgrades totaling a $1,000,000 budget, which is currently in design. The Southampton and Riverhead buildings are also getting revamped cooling systems, with Southampton’s work scheduled in 2012 and Riverhead’s in 2013, a $7,550,000 job. Kreiling hall is also expected to be renovated after the Science and Technology building is completed at a cost of $3,480,000.

Included in the Governor’s 2012-13 recommended budget and part of the college’s capital improvement plan are parking expansion upgrades for the Ammerman campus and phase two of the infrastructure improvements college-wide. Each campus has a proposed 2013-15 county capital program request to be decided, with a traffic circle installment at the Ammerman campus, a warehouse building at the Eastern campus and a plant operations facility at the Michael J. Grant campus.

The capital improvement plan already has some major completed improvements to each of the three campuses. The ammerman campus enjoys renovations to the Auto Tech building, including fixing of retaining walls and new air conditioning units. The Riverhead building has a new roof, boiler and interior and exterior doors. The Huntington Library has new air conditioning upgrades, new exterior doors and locks and new roofing. The tennis courts have been repaired of deteriorating surfaces, as well as the gas pumps being replaced at Central Facilities. The Sewage Treatments have new installations totaling a 50 percent energy improvement, and the NFL building includes new roofing, new stairways and railings, soffits, boilers, windows, generator and they have moved from propane to natural gas.

Nesconsett Hall at the Michael J. Grant campus includes complete renovation. The admissions office has new office furniture, carpets and a new welcoming counter. The registrar’s office has new security glass, furniture and carpets. The Honors Cottage has received new classroom furniture, blinds, new conference space and a new paintjob and many more.

The Eastern campus has also enjoyed some upgrades so far, with new renovations to the gaming room, digital photo lab, faculty offices, montaukett LRC, business offices and a renovated college campus.

All of these upgrades will lead to better and more functioning facilities and improvements college-wide for all of the three campuses. The college’s efforts to better itself in each and every budget plan is paying off while the attendance rate of the college and community colleges nationwide has recently skyrocketed.

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