Successful Program Put on a Hiatus

By Mike Monti

The College Success program started in the spring of 2004 by President Pippins. The program consists of campus deans, the college dean of enrollment and campus associate deans for student services. The program lasted a while, until it went on a hiatus in December of 2010.

Ben Laudicina, admissions counselor at the college, is also an adviser of the program. “The program helped the students by giving them a sense of place, and belonging,” said Laudicina.

The College Success Program

“The students are given support networks. If they are struggling with something, they could turn to either their counselor or their professor, or the other students in the class. The program also gives them an opportunity to understand the campus and what it is to be a college student.”

The program has had an increase of students since its first year. The first year active it had a total of 58 students. In the 2006-2007 academic year there was a total of 168 students.

“The reason why it increased is because we increased numbers,” Laudicina said. “Each year we allow more students into the program. If we increase the numbers more than what we have more students would enroll, and we would lose the case management approach style.”

As of December 2010, the program went on hiatus. It went on hold and they are trying to find a way to make the program even better than what it was.

Laudicina was a little shocked when he first found out. “I was stunned at first, because I knew the program worked, once I realized why the program went on hold I agreed, I knew the college was looking at all the working parts to see what we can do with the professionals in the program to make it better.”

Being that the program is on hold, like every problem, there has to be a solution. “Unfortunately, I don’t know the specifics,” Laudicina said. “It is one of those things where I am not in the loop,” he said “What I can say is the college put together what known as a “Task Force” where counselors, administers and faculty members are coming together to make recommendations of how the program can altered.”

The program has been a big help to many number of students. One of the students it helped out a lot was Gina Luciano. “I decided to take the college success program due to not scoring well on my placement exam,” Luciano said. “I didn’t want to go to school in the summer, but I was able to get the benefit of retaking the exam. It was my first “college class”, and probably my favorite class I ever had.”

One positive of the program is it teaches you information about yourself that you didn’t know. It shows you the type of leaner you are, rather it be a note taker, listener, or a person who needs visual aid to help you remember what you learned.

“The program helped me realized the type of learner that I am. It helped me realize what techniques would help me study for my exams, how to take notes, and help me become an outgoing student,” said Luciano

Having a program like this at the college is a positive. It helps students in their transition from high school to college. “This program made me realize that this is college and my career, it’s time to get focused,” Luciano stated. “Professor Weber was a wonderful professor and person. The transition was easier than what I thought it was going to be. College Success enforced all the wonderful centers that were on campus that some students don’t take advantage of. It was a helpful transition from high school grammar into college writing.”

Having a professor that cares about the student at the college level is rare. However, Professor Weber was an exception to this. “Professor Weber is the best professor at Suffolk,” said Luciano. “He has his student engaged in the lessons and is always there to talk to. He is one professor I always talk to, and he has affected my life and my want to become a teacher even more. He is very knowable and he shows true sincere to his students.”

High School life and College life are two completely different forms of living, some students are able to adjust right away, and then there are students who aren’t able to adjust. This is why having a program like this at a college is a big positive.

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