Campus faculty member swims, bikes, and runs for a cure.

By Daniel Reyes

Administration Specialist, Kathy Massimo, will be participating in a half Ironman triathlon to help raise money for lifesaving cancer research. The event will be held in Knoxville, Tenn. on May 6.

“It will be my first time in Knoxville,” said Massimo, who was anticipating her trip to the Volunteer State.

Massimo is a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma society’s teams-in-training (TNT), a program that trains athletes for marathons/triathlons and also help raise billions for cancer research.

“I’ve been part of teams-in-training since 2005,” said Massimo, who found out about TNT through a flyer.

Ran by Revolution3, the triathlon will begin in the Tennessee River, with athletes swimming across its placid waters. Then participants will bike toward the Smokey Mountains along the countryside and finish off with a run through the University of Tennessee.

Massimo is neither apprehensive nor nervous about completing the half-triathlon. She knows she can finish it because of the training she receives through TNT.

TNT provides coaches that will help train members each day for each individual event, either face-to-face through a network of experienced coaches or by an online schedule.

“It’s a 16-week program, that begins earlier for returning alumni.” Said Massimo

Massimo has already begun her training and is following her schedule. She uses the swimming pools at the Grant campus and partakes in spin classes when the weather is not suited for bike riding, all with the help of her coach.

The dedicated coaches were one of the major reasons Massimo was attracted to TNT.

“ They teach you all they can,” explained Massimo. “They’re super!”

Massimo mentioned how she wasn’t always an active athlete and the only sport she was part of was Tennis, where she played doubles only. But with the help of TNT and her coaches, she was able to compete and complete several marathons.

From Maine to Memphis, Massimo has participated in numerous marathons thanks to TNT along with raising money to help cancer research, money that will help save lives.

Her goal for this event is to raise $3500, a goal set by TNT. The amount is based on transportation and lodge with 75 cents of each dollar going to research and patient care, 25 cents goes to administration cost. Any amount raised over the minimum results in 100% of every dollar going directly to patient care and research . To help her attain this number, Massimo is holding a raffle on April 15.

All faculty and students are welcome to take part. The raffle prizes include: a GT road bike for first place, Canon Point and Shoot Camera, for second and an Ipad for third place. Tickets are $10 for one and $25 for three.

All are also welcomed to be part of TNT. With the professional training TNT offers and a large supportive community, any average Joe or Jane can cross the finish line.

“Anyone can do it, just check with you doctor to make sure your healthy enough.” Said Massimo

Students interested in joining the raffle can follow this link, and make a donation. Students should also contact Massimo to give contact information in order to receive a ticket stub.

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  1. Great article…However 75 cents of every dollar goes to patient care and research, while only 25 cents per dollar is used for administrative costs. Any amount raised over the minimum results in 100% of every dollar going directly to patient care and research.

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