Campus Activities Board Promotes Student Involvement and Leadership

By Ashley Maisano

CAB members get together for a group picture

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is an organization of students who develop and organize events on campus that promote student involvement and encourage student leadership.

In the beginning of each year, they are given a budget of $80,000 to use towards events and any trips that they plan.

“We try and pretty much provide entertainment for the campus,” explains Alyssa Semken, executive member of CAB. “We bring in comedians and public figures and stuff like that but we also do things outside of campus, like we go and see shows and stuff like that because we have the ability to buy the tickets and go on group trips.”

Going on trips with the campus activities board is an advantage because you don’t have to pay the full price of expensive tickets and everything is taken care of right down to the transportation.

CAB sells Six Flags tickets and Island 16 tickets at a discounted price.

“We buy the tickets and then sell them to students and guests for cheaper,” says Semken. “For example, if we buy the tickets for $50, then we’d sell it to full-time students for $30, part-time students for $35 and guests for $40.”

They charge more for part-time students because the money comes from everyone’s tuition through the student activity fee and part-time students pay less to begin with, so in the end they’re charged more to make it fair.

“The CAB is a service to the students. Having that money is one of the perks, so we try to take advantage of the student activity fee and have all of these events,” said Jessie Paduano, chairman for the CAB.

In the past they have shown countless movies, had karaoke in the cafeteria, had “distress express,” masquerade balls, comedian shows, Halloween festivals, spring flings, gave Valentines Day extensions, took trips to Broadway plays and more.

“Our most successful event was the Halloween festival,” explained Deirdre Keen, chairman of CBA. “We made a haunted house right here in the Mildred Green room and it was great. A lot of people showed up.”

The CAB has numerous events planned for the upcoming months. They are planning a boat trip cruise around Manhattan that will be three to four hours long where dinner and music will be provided. The date isn’t set in stone but they hope for it to happen.

There will be another “de-stress express” on March 8 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. where they will be giving five minute massages. In the past, this event has been very successful, getting over 60 students to participate.

There will also be movies shown in Islip Arts room 115 over the next month. Hugo will be shown on March 9 at 7 p.m., Sherlock Holmes 2 will be shown on March 22 and Rocky Horror will be shown on March 23. All movies are free to attend, and free popcorn and snacks will be distributed.

Aside from enjoying the entertainment and fun that CAB puts out, being a part of the organization also helps to improve your leadership skills, builds friendships, and looks great on your resumes for other schools and jobs.

“None of us were really friends before this,” said Matt Hernandez, executive member of CAB. “I actually thought some of them were weird, but once I got to know them through CAB we became really good friends and now we know everything about each others lives.”

There are also leadership conferences and retreats that are available to students. Semken and Hernandez went to a leadership conference together in Miami in the past. The trip was completely paid for and they got to attend lectures to learn new leadership skills and make new friends.

“Me and Matt went to the leadership conference in Miami and I came home a different person,” says Semken. “I got to meet great new people and listen to speeches that really changed my perspective on things and helped me get through hard times in my life that I don’t think I would have gotten through if it wasn’t for that trip. It was a great experience and so worth it.”

This summer, on June 8-10, there will be a leadership retreat to Shelter Island available to students from all three Suffolk campuses. The trip will be free of charge and there will be free bus transportation. Here, you will be able to enhance your leadership skills even more and partake in team building activities.

If you are interested in joining CAB or going on the leadership retreat, contact Mary Sierra at (631) 451-4375 or email her at

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