Movies inspire during black history month

By Dan Bruno

February is known to African Americans as black history month in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The college helped serve that tradition on February 21st, showing movies named “I Will”, a tribute to African American women, and a movie named “Been To The Mountain”, a series of highlights of Martin Luther King Jr.’s major speeches and “Unchained Memories – Readings from Slave Narratives.”

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From 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., these movies were continuously shown in the Babylon Student Center, Orient Point room on the Ammerman Campus. Close to 100 people gathered to watch the inspiring films.

One watcher, Joe Brown, said “the college is great to have offered this opportunity for African Americans to learn even more during our history month, it’s a great way for us to enjoy our common hour and more.”

Brown is not a student here at the college, but attended with his family as he heard about it from a friend. “Word was out,” he said.

“I Will”, a tribute to African American women, is a stirring salute to the ongoing legacy of strength, fortitude and spirit of the African American Woman. “Been To The Mountain”, a Martin Luther King Jr. featured film, shows highlights of some of his famous speeches. “Unchained Memories – Readings from Slave Narratives”, is a 2002 film transcribing the memories of slaves who were still living with a massive collection of notes, photos, documents and more.

“It was really cool to see the Unchained Memories film, I’ve never seen it before,” Brown said. “The other films I’ve seen but I’ve never gathered with many others like this to watch them, it made for a great atmosphere.”

Amy Brown, Joe’s sister, was equally satisfied with the atmosphere and event. “It really showed the struggle and inspiration of our ancestors who fought through so much adversity to help us to where we are today as people,” she said. “I know this is just another afternoon, but this was a great event and the college was great to have offered it.”

This is the Ammerman Campus’s first honorary event during black history month although the Grant Campus in Brentwood has done several thus far. A festival for black history month was one event on February 6th that the college offered, as well as black history month – an open mic on February 16th. Black history month celebratory events at the college will end with a black history month program at the Grant Campus from 4-8 P.M. on Saturday, February 25th.

Based on the audience, who seemed to enjoy the event, think the college should host more of these during the month of February each year.

“We’d really enjoy it,” said the Browns. “It would be great to attend more events like these, the college did a good job today for the community and for its students.”

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