Sharks rematch against Westchester CC

By Daniel Reyes

The women’s basketball team faced the Westchester Community College Vikings last Saturday at home. After a large defeat in their previous game, Vikings winning 64-48, the Sharks now look for a second chance at victory.

The game began with the Vikings taking the tip off, with ball in hand the Vikings worked toward the hoop to get the first numbers on the scoreboard. But with some good control of the court, Sharks forward/center, Faith Bozzo, took possession of the ball and sunk in the first two-pointer of the game.

Vikings point guard, Britanny Marbury, answered back with a three-pointer.

It continued back and forth, with both Bozzo and Marbury trading two-point shots, followed by the first foul of the game being called on the Vikings. This gave the Sharks two free-throw opportunities and the lead 7-5

The Sharks had good control over the tempo of the game at this point; they brought the ball post court to keep playing defensively against the strong Viking offense.

Vikings scored two more points and after a failed shot attempt by Westchester, Shark guard, Nicole Alvarez, rebounded the ball and passed it to guard, Colleen Walker. Walker is then fouled and receives two free throws opportunities–she gets the first one in, but misses the second- Shark center, Marlaina Sharman, then catches the rebound and puts it in; making a potential one point shot into two.

Sharks lead 12-9

The Vikings began to slow it down, to try and break through the Sharks tight defense. This change of play pays off quickly when Viking guard, Jessica Negron, steals the ball and gets a lay up with ten minutes and 38 seconds left on the clock.

However, the Sharks continued to control the ball well throughout the first quarter and were able to maintain the lead. They successfully made in most of their free throws and never got riled up; even when the Vikings would make good plays. They maintained their composure, Although the Sharks did end up giving the Vikings too many second and third chances when it came to turnovers and rebounds.

At one point in the game, Vikings guard, Neilia Mckenzie, was able to get a frenzy of rebounds for her team; this led to a foul shot and the Vikings getting two more points. The Sharks need to be able to get the turnovers from the Vikings.

Now it was the Sharks who were slowing it down.

Viking Guard, Karissa Core, made in a three pointer followed by a turnover into a lay-up bringing the score to: 24-22, Vikings

With less than 2 minutes remaining in the first quarter, the Sharks managed to get in 5 points to win the lead back.

Sharks lead 27-26 at half time.

The second half had the Sharks on fire, with Alvarez dipping in three pointers one by one and with picture perfect plays from both Kara Nenos and Sherman, getting in two pointers.

The second half continued in this manner, fast and smart, with the Sharks and The Vikings riding each others necks and figuring out each others moves. Both teams exchanged points; the Vikings had a better half court offense this time to help deal with the Sharks defense and the Sharks did better at maintaining control of the ball to avoid any Viking turnovers.

It came down to the wire with the Sharks leading by four points and 45 seconds remaining in the second half; Alvarez was fouled immediately so that the Vikings could get a chance for the ball.

The Sharks missed the free throw and the opportunity to seal the game with a five point lead, score 58-63 Sharks.

The Vikings come out of nowhere with a three pointer, creeping closer to the lead. But with less than one minute remaining the Vikings attempted another three point shot but missed.

Sharks win by the skin of their teeth, 63-61.

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  1. Nice article Daniel!

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