Liberal Arts Major Creates Suave Threads

By Mike Monti

Nico Governara

Being a college student is never easy, but being a college student who also plays lacrosse and designs shirts at the same time is even harder.

Nico Governara is a full-time, third-year liberal arts major and also the founder of Suave Threads. Governara found his love for designing back in tenth grade.

“I showed my sketch book to my friends’ mom and she told me that the designs would look really good on some t-shirts,” Governara said. “It slowly started to grow on me from there on, and then I never really focused in class. My daydreams would turn into sketches, and by the end of the year I had a lot of different t-shirt designs.”
The thought of going up against brand names like Ed Hardy and Ecko inspired Governara to select a company name he could live up to.

“The name came from my nickname in lacrosse, Suave,” Governara said.  “I thought of a lot of cool words for shirts, and then came up with Suave Threads.”

“My motivation comes from a few places; one is just to prove people wrong, which has always been a chip on my shoulder,” Governara said. Not only do you have to be motivated, it is just like sports where you have ideals that you look up to. For Governara Johnny Cupcake (Johnny Earle) and Marc Ecko are two examples. “They are college kids who came from nothing but a dream and a dollar in their pocket and made it happen,” Governara said.

The first shirt that Governara made was in his senior year. It wasn’t until he was able to get his own car and was able to drive around that the shirts happened. According to Governara it all happened by mistake to, after Governara got suspended from his lunch period in his senior year.

“I was thrown out of my lunch period my senior year after I jiggled a teacher’s face because she was making fun of my lacrosse team,” Governara said. Governara ended up serving his detention in his art teachers’ class that period where Governara started talking to his teacher about the idea of designing t-shirts.

“Turned out he majored in graphic design and would teach me everything I needed to know,” Governara said. “From there on out I went to school every day and cut some class just so I could work on my designs, and halfway through the year my first t-shirt was born.”

The roughest part of this all for Governara, has to be the fact that he is a full time college student, plays on the lacrosse team, works and then also has to find the time to come up with the ideas for the shirts and then draw them up.

“From money to hours and just keeping up with everyone it drains me. I am just one of those kids who always has a spark inside,” he said.  “Ideas come to me every day and at random times. I am definitely a weird kid and I try to stay creative, so when I see an idea in my head I just have to put it on paper. From there I redesign it on the computer and take it to the shop.” Governara said.

Alan Weber, assistant professor of health and human services was Governara’s first college professor, and was the first professor that Nico showed his designs to.

“When I first found out that Nico designed shirts I thought it was impressive. I thought that he was ambitious. I wasn’t expecting one of the kids in the class to have a career or be an entrepreneur,” said Weber. “As I got to know him it didn’t surprise me, because he is pretty assertive with what he wants, and I admire anyone who is creative.”

“From what I remember when I first saw the designs, I thought they were creative and saw he had potential.” Weber said. “However, I did not think three years into college Nico would still be designing shirts, ” Weber stated.

“I think his work ethic is big, I saw how good his ethic was in the class I taught.  I never saw him play lacrosse, but he seems driven; I don’t have any questions about that,” said Weber when asked about the work ethic of Governara.

With new designs coming out this summer, a fan page on Facebook, and creation of an actual website and commercials, the dream of Suave Threads is now a reality . It just goes to show you, if you follow your dream anything can happen.

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