Fallen but Not Forgotten

one of the many fallen soldiers

By Matthew DeBragga

A slow fade into a melancholy song of remembrance greets visitors who visit the our fallen soldier website.

This website is an up and coming not for profit organization dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives fighting for our country overseas, and to helping those who fought valiantly and have moved on to the honorable position of veteran. “I think it’s great that our soldiers come back and get college degrees.” says Michelle Hall, a 19 year old liberal arts major. Many of our soldiers fight first, and then return to get a college education. Some of these brave men and women have families to support, and medical conditions that hinder them in their desire to gain a degree.

Ourfallensoldier.com is a great way for veterans who need assistance to get it. Ourfallensoldier.com offers free web pages that can be dedicated to soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty. This service memorializes them on the internet and keeps their memory alive. This site also helps veterans who need assistance with housing, or medical issues that were service related.

Any student organizations that wish to help support their fellow student veterans in need may visit the website: http://www.ourfalensoldier.com
They may also contact Bob Delgado, (855-466-7422).

The site has many items for sale like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and dog tags. You can also get a soldier’s address in Afghanistan and correspond with them and send them care packages. If nothing else visit the site and click on some of the fallen soldier’s pictures. See how precious life can be and do a fallen soldier the honor of remembering them for a brief moment in this busy and all too often stressful life.

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