Let the Information Booth Help You Discover Your School

By Alyson Feis

This semester students involved in campus activity are hoping to gain some momentum from their fellow students. Students agree that spreading information is the key to gaining involvement, however, some students don’t seem to know where the information they rely on comes from.

On a chilly winter day, a freshman, Karisa McMahon, decided to search for the origin of information on campus. As she approached the Information Booth she let her bag fall quickly to the floor; unknowingly making her presence known. McMahon’s entrance unconsciously grabbed the attention of other students, and they watched her approach the counter in confusion.

I stared at the icy pavement as I made my way toward the Islip Arts building. There were number of things I could have looked at, but I focused on one thing; my breath. White, like the smoke of a cigarette, I allowed my cold eyes to wander, following the visible air as it drifted through winter. My eyes continued to follow the cloud as it drifted up and easterly. my attsion suddenly shifts once I notice the Babylon Student Center. I decide to go inside and warm up.

I open the doors to the warm smell of pizza. The scent fills my nose and I walk toward the cafeteria. Across the lobby I spot a seat next to a radiator and decide to sit there instead. After a few minutes of watching the students, I can feel the heat climbing up my back. As I sit beside the vending machine I notice most people are just passing through.

Suddenly a cold breeze races across the floor. The chill tickles my ankles; I immediately search for the source. I glanced across the room, toward the long doors and I’m blinded by the rays of light bursting through the glass. While the sunlight pours into the room I spot a student walking toward me. She’s dressed casually, like any other student, despite a patch of hot pink on the left side of her hair.

She stops in front of the Information Booth and allows her bag to crash to the floor with a bang. The noise makes heads turn, and eyes lock, but she doesn’t seem to feel our stares.

I watch the counter personnel greet her with a warm smile, and I listened to their conversation while I study the faces around me. Each face was different, yet, all alike; filled with confusion.

I later discovered that Karisa McMahon, a freshman in the Liberal Arts program, is here to confront rumors about campus activities. After hearing about free tutoring on campus, McMahon sought the truth. “I decided to come here to save money, and therefore, I plan on getting the most out of my money!” she laughed. “I couldn’t believe all you needed is a Student Identification Card to get free, on sight, tutoring!” she cheered!

While I can guarantee McMahon isn’t the only student reaping the benefits of the Information Booth, it’s fact that some students just don’t know the booth exists! Christina Kmetz, a Business major, and witness to the scene described earlier, says she always gets information regarding campus activities too late. “I kick myself every time I hear about something I missed!”

Students like Deirdre Keen, a Visual Arts major, are working hard to make sure information is spread accurately to the students, especially in regards to clubs and campus activities. Keen, who was working the Information Booth upon McMahon’ entry, proved to be very helpful.

“Not only did she give me what I asked for, but, she also made sure I knew about the clubs on campus, and even explained how to join. There’s like 65 different clubs!” McMahon said.

Alumni, Melissa Bornschein, attended SCCC between 2007 and 2010, and says students don’t take advantage of the resources available. “I truly believe that students do not see or realize the opportunities that have at hand.” she said.

During her time at here, Bornschein not only got involved in clubs, but also held the Senators position in the Student Government Association. “Starting at the Information Booth is one way to get to know your community” she says.

While some students don’t see the point in getting involved, it’s important that those who do wish to get involved know how. Whether you’re looking to join a club or just learning what’s coming next, students like you suggest taking a trip to the Babylon Student center where you can discover all that our school offers!

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