Strawberry Fields Coming to Grant Campus

By Daniel Reyes

New and old Beatles fans rejoice; the Strawberry Fields Tribute Band is coming to the Grant campus  on Feb. 11. “Strawberry Fields” is as close as you can get to a real Beatles concert. Dressed in full costume and speaking in Liverpudlian accents, “Strawberry Fields” is dedicated to bringing you back to the 60’s.

“Strawberry Fields” features true look-a-like musicians, hand-picked from hundreds of auditionees and playing the vintage instruments from the era. Each concert will bring you through all the groovy stages of The Beatles; starting from 1964 with their first four albums that began their legendary career. Warp a couple years later to 1967, where they’ll bring you the tunes of the “Sergeant Pepper’s lonely Hearts Club Band” album – donning the flashy and colorful costumes straight from the album cover. We then ease it to an end with the songs off their platinum hitting records, “ Abbey Road ”, “Let it Be” and “White Album”

The talented folk that make up “Strawberry Fields” include: Tony Garofalo [John Lennon], Billy J. Ray [Paul McCartney], Preston Elliot [George Harrison], Gerard Barberin Jr. [Ringo Starr], and Jeff Gottschalk; producer, arranger, composer and the creator of the backing tracks for “Strawberry Fields” live stage show. “Strawberry Fields” has performed at Shea Stadium in a historical event as they recreated a 1965 Beatles concert at Shea.

Be sure to come and show your love for The Beatles at the Van Nostrand Theatre in the Brentwood, Grant campus. Tickets are $17 but students get in free with a college I.D, for more information call the box office at 631-851-4981

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