Connect to College ‘Job Connection’

By Valerie Polite

College students worldwide are constantly fighting a losing battle between their personal balance of school and work. Some students get lucky; their jobs are flexible and work around the hours of college classes; however others aren’t so fortunate. More than fifty percent of students are forced to quit their current jobs and scramble to find a part time position, earning just enough to make their next tuition payment. “Suffolk Job Connection” is a beacon of hope for these students, making their frantic search as stress-free as possible.

The ‘Job Connection’, directed by Sylvia Camacho, located in the Babylon Student Center at the Ammerman campus, is a database of employment opportunities for the college’s students and alumni. Tom Holland a history major currently enrolled at the Brentwood campus calls the ‘Job connection’, “One of the best resources at a student’s disposal”. The system is an easy-to-use online source, accessed through the college website, providing prospective students with part-time, full-time, and internship opportunities both on and off-campus. “It’s a great opportunity for students to really get their foot in the door”, said Sean Gordon, a Graphic Design Graduate of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, who attended the Ammerman campus prior to his transfer.

“I got my first Internship position through the ‘Suffolk Job Connection’. I worked at Long Island Screen Printing Incorporated”, a business owned and operated by Jim Hunt since 1993 “where I transformed my internship position into a full-time job and continued working there for four years. It was a great experience for me and I encourage all students to utilize the services offered through both ‘Suffolk Job connection’ and Career Services.” ‘Suffolk Job Connection’ is widespread and offers positions in various types of degrees and services to all prospective students. It provides an average of approximately 500 active jobs and has over 3,000 registered employers, making the process of applying and posting jobs simple and effective.

Sean Gordon shares his opinion about the 'Job Connection'

‘Suffolk Job Connection’ also encourages students to utilize the Career Services options available on campus. The ‘Job Connection’ homepage posts upcoming job and internship fairs to be held on campus where employers and students can participate and get a better understanding of the ‘Job Connection’ and receive internship opportunities to help mold their career path. On April 12, the Ammerman campus will be hosting their next upcoming job fair from 10:00am to 1:00pm in the Montauk Point room, located in the Babylon Student Center. Employers will be on campus, alongside Career Services advisers, with opportunities for students seeking full-time careers, part-time jobs, and possible internships.

The director of Career services and founder of the ‘Suffolk Job Connection’, Sylvia Camacho, has over 30 years of experience working in the Career Services department, including coordinating Job Fairs, conducting interview practices, providing career counseling, as well as offering resume building and review. She dedicates most of her time working one on one with students, assisting them in identifying career aspirations and generating an action plan to achieve them; however, according to Sylvia, many students at the college’s campus’ bypass the Career Services offices and don’t take advantage of the services they offer.

“It’s unfortunate, because the percentage of people who actually come by this office is small, but I think if more people visited, they would know more about what they need to do to secure a gratifying job”, said Sylvia. “The problem is that I don’t think many students are ready to make those kinds of changes or commitments, because they are too busy with their lives.”

Those prospective students who do in fact utilize the services offered to them and have the self-discipline and responsibility to hold a position or internship really benefit from ‘Suffolk Job Connection’. “I think the nice thing about a co-op or internship is that it puts students in a professional environment so that they can see how other people operate”, said Sylvia. “They can see the types of opportunities that are available, and the types of skills that are required. Then they can hopefully develop the confidence to realize that they are capable of doing all of the things that will be required of them”.

‘Suffolk Job Connection’ is generally aimed at helping students find employment opportunities; however, the services offered through this system are not strictly reserved for students, but employers as well. For those employers looking to hire students, they can register Online with ‘Suffolk Job Connection’ and advertise job opportunities to students on all three campuses, therefore broadening their selection of prospective employees, as well as their methods of advertising. The possibilities associated with the ‘Suffolk Job Connection’ are endless.

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