Spring into shape with Pilates

By Jessica Radesco-Verdi

Pilates is a form of exercise now offered in many commercial gyms across the country. With many advantages to this workout, it has become as popular with fitness buffs as it has been to professional dancers for decades. SCCC will be offering Pilates this spring to those searching for a challenging and fun PED class.
Desiree Palanisamy has been teaching Pilates for 12 years and describes it as a mind-body discipline that has been around for nearly a hundred years.
“It was developed by a man named Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920s. He studied yoga, acrobatics & calisthenics–to create this method which was developed in Germany,” says Palanisamy.
Both of which are common these days, Pilates often gets confused with yoga which is an “ancient healing science developed in India, dating back thousands of years,” explains Palanisamy. Some benefits Pilates offers is improved flexibility, strength and stamina and has been regularly used by dancers to achieve their physique.
Although Palanisamy acknowledges women are usually the majority in her classes, she welcomes both men and women to join. The class utilizes a mat workout, which has been known to be more challenging than the reformer machines, she admits.
Pilates is beneficial as well as safe to persons of all ages and abilities. “This system was developed for injured war soldiers. Pilates’ also worked extensively with injured dancers and athletes,” Palanisamy said, “The movements are fluid and have no-impact on the body, making this method accessible for people of all ages, sizes and abilities.”
Desiree Palanisamy will be offering Pilates-PED classes this spring at the Ammerman campus on Mon. and Fri. at 4pm.

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