After going to Nationals in 2011, the Kara Nenos looks forward to 2012

By Nicole Brems

SCCC beat Westchester Community College last year to become the Region XV Champions. The win gave them the opportunity to head to Rochester, Minnesota to participate in Nationals. The team fell short but, they have high hopes for what is to come in the 2012 season.

The team’s forward, Kara Nenos, got the wonderful opportunity to experience Nationals and hopes to return next year.

“We did very well in our region but, we weren’t at all prepared for what we were going to see at Nationals. We tried our best but, the competition was very tough. We didn’t win any games but, it made us even more motivated to go back this year. It is a beautiful memory though.”

Kara, a 2010 graduate of Longwood high school, came to SCCC after her original plans for college fell through,

“My original decision was to go to a Division II school but, I tore my ACL. So I decided to stay local and rehab my knee, ” she said.

Playing for SCCC has kept her ready to play at a four-year school once she graduates later this school year. Though she doesn’t know exactly what she’s going to do she has a short list of schools to apply to. If she gets in to them she said,

“I would try out for the team.”

Kara would also love to be awarded a scholarship to attend her next school.

“That would help me out a great deal. I believe I keep up the good work on the court and in the classroom I will receive some money,” she said.

But, before looking ahead to next September Kara and the rest of the team have their basketball season to look forward to.

“I can’t wait for this season to begin! We are so much better than last year and we already have amazing chemistry on and off the court. I can’t wait until Nationals again so we can win every game and get that ring!” she said, optimistically about the upcoming season.

Even if the team makes it to Nationals Kara doesn’t hope to go Pro. Speaking about it she said,

“I don’t want to go professional, which is why I try my best in school so I can have a great career.”

Kara will take the court for the team’s first game on January 5th against Gateway Community College at 6pm. The game will be the first game along the road to making it to Nationals once again.

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