Students Control Intramural Activities

By Amanda Bernocco

Students have the power when it comes to intramural sports at the college. Last year an intramural flag football team decided that they wanted to have a college wide championship, and ended up going to a regional championship. The team of 30 students made it all the way to the play offs at the regional championship in Maryland last year.

“Students played a huge role in getting to the championships with flag football. With intramurals students are really in control and can make it whatever they want it to be,” Matt French, intramurals coordinator from the Eastern campus said.

Both coordinators French and Craig Zeolla, from the Ammerman campus, agree that anything can happen with intramurals if the students want it to. French said that the students went to the championships because they stepped up and told the coordinators that they wanted to do it. Since the students wanted it to happen so badly, he said that the coordinators worked with them to make it happen.

Intramurals are a friendly way to meet new people and take advantage of what your student activities fees fund. They have been at the college for the past 15 years on and off based on student interest. The Athletic Director makes the final decision, based on how many students are willing to participate. The amount of students participating changes every day, but the Ammerman campus could get between 50 and 60 students said Zeolla. He added that the Eastern and Grant campuses could have anywhere from 20 to 50 or 60 students on a given day. Intramurals are held from 11am to 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The only regulation for becoming a participant in intramurals is that the student is a full time student, and has a valid student ID card. The coordinators will know if a student is a full time student when they scan the card in to the computer. Zeolla says to “just come in gym attire, have good sportsmanship and be ready to have fun.” On the Ammerman campus intramural sports include flag football, volleyball, basketball and ping pong.

Last year they held some night events, and Zeolla would like to hold some more. He said that last year they held a basketball shooting contest and students really enjoyed it. Zeolla stresses that “it really comes down to the enthusiasm of students. It can be as big or as little as they want it to be.”

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