Cut us a break/academic calendar

By Joe Moyles

Like any student attending college, more days off seems favorable to me, but in some instances there are some days off I believe students actually need.

For starters, the upcoming thanksgiving break is an example. I have always thought of thanksgiving break as Christmas break junior. As it actually turns out, the huge break we have for Christmas is not a break at all; it is the end of the semester.

This year students have off from Wednesday, Nov. 23-Friday Nov. 25. Including the weekend, it’s five days off in total. This amount is reasonable to me as far as overall days. My main issue with this break is that professors tend to assign a lot of work during this time.

I call thanksgiving break the re-union break, since everyone’s friends come home from college and you get to see all your family on thanksgiving, its one of my favorite breaks.
It is also one of the busiest breaks, with Christmas shopping in its birth, cooking, family, friends, and work, it’s awfully hard to juggle it all.

This sort of busyness is only worse for students who are away at college and have to come home with these short breaks. Add up the travel time, cost, and work to do, it’s even more difficult for them make the trips home in such a small break.

My friend Jamie Boroden attends the University of Maine and decided to not come back at all for thanksgiving, “the break was too short, and the traveling would have either been big bucks or huge time.” Said Boroden. “There just was not enough time, the break should indeed be longer.”

My solution to this is that all big schools with on campus living should accommodate there students who have to travel and work. Here at Suffolk, I think professors should not stack work over the short break. I also think the break should be elongated to one full week, being that first two days of the class week are generally hand-in days. Of coarse the break should not be entirely dedicated to schoolwork or seeing friends, but there shouldn’t be heavy assignments due the day after the break designed for you to maintain working over the break.

There are multiple other days of classes that I believe to be controversial, such as Election Day. The ironic joke about this is that the high school kids who can’t vote get off for Election Day, but us college students who can don’t get the luxury of getting the day off. Of coarse we can still vote, but the time can be cut down with classes and work to do.

Days that can go either way don’t always have to be granted though. I personally think president’s day, which is on Feb. 20, should remain its one day break instead of the full week break that most grade schools have off. But if presidents day is given off, I also think veterans day, which was Nov. 11, should also be given.

I think it’s a matter of respect rather then just getting an extra day off. Our veterans that risked there lives to help this country should be honored, and especially that there are some current soldiers that have come home recently here at Suffolk.

“I’m generally happy with the breaks we have, but I do think that we have too many random days off in September,” Said Thomas Weyer, a sophomore.

I don’t have a problem with the Jewish holidays in September, for the Jewish people it’s a necessary day off. But a day like Election Day or Veterans Day pertains to everyone, and are pretty important holidays, so I think they should at least be considered to be reviewed.

I don’t want to sound like a student hungry for more days off, but I do believe that there should be more thought put into our schedules here at Suffolk County Community College and colleges across the country.

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