Campus bookstore offers new easy access book options

By Joe Moyles

With the mass hysteria of book purchasing/renting on campus at the beginning of semesters, the book store has created an effective system for helping students more easily obtain books.

The book store recently came out with multiple plans that will be used by students for the Spring 2012 semester.

The first option is to pre-order books online, a popular option for students who don’t want to wait on the long lines in the bookstore at the beginning of semester. Once purchased online, students can stop by the book store at any time to acquire there books, a much easier process then waiting.

Students can check out there future textbooks as soon as there books are posted on the student schedule on the Suffolk County Community College website.

Books will be available for pre-order as soon as January.

Students also have the option to rent textbooks, a cheaper option for those who cannot afford them.

Lastly, students may also pre-order/order these books online to be delivered to there home for an additional fee.

These popular forms of book distribution should help students greatly. For more information, students may visit the student bookstore downstairs in the Babylon Student Center or call the bookstore at (631) 451-4379.

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