Tutoring centers lend a helping hand

By Arielle Tipa

When students seek assistance in multiple areas of learning, specialized centers at Ammerman are there to tutor those in need.

Across campus, thousands of students are taking various courses, one or more of which may be encountered with some degree of difficulty. Fortunately, there are facilities at Ammerman that cater to these student needs. Whether it be writing, reading, or language skills, these tutoring centers offer free, valuable assistance from the campus’s qualified staff and means of technology.

In room 101 of the Islip Arts building, the Writing Center focuses on the student’s potential in all levels of writing.

 “We offer free tutoring to any Suffolk student, and because the professors are available during office hours only, they don’t have time to tutor. So, that is why we’re here,” said Adrienne Lojeck, an adjunct and tutor for the Writing Center.

Lojeck, a 2007 Suffolk graduate, is dedicated to fostering the needs of every student who visits the center.

Computers are readily available in the room, where occupied students spend valuable time to work on class assignments.

To benefit the progress of the Writing Center and its staff, a short survey concerning the first tutoring experience there is taken by the student. “The form tells us what they (the students) liked and didn’t like about the session. Ninety-nine percent of the feedback we get is positive,” said Lojeck.

“Intros are available for classes in the Writing Center, where we tell them our hours and hand out bookmarks with our information on them in order to get more people to come here. We really need more students to sign up,” said Dominick Quartuccio, another Writing Center tutor.

“We explain that we don’t edit or do papers for students, we simply help to correct them. This makes them better writers and editors for future assignments. Students are enthusiastic about getting better grades when they come here,” said Quartuccio. “They really respond well.”

Adjacent to the Writing Center is the Reading Lab in Islip Arts room 116. This is where the majority of students, mainly freshmen, come to attend the Reading Lab classes, as well as their tutoring sessions.

“The purpose of the Lab is to get students who failed the entrance exam up to a college reading level. We reinforce what they do in the classroom by using computer-based programs that go at their own pace,” according to its coordinator, Gregg V. Gudelinis.

For those students taking a foreign language class, as well as those taking ESL courses, the Foreign Language Lab’s mission is to, “Provide you with an opportunity to develop your language skills through individualized practice in listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, oral communication, and culture,” according to the Lab’s pamphlet.

The Rosetta Stone program is frequently used to aid students in their ESL and foreign language skills. The Lab is located in room 114 of Islip Arts.

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