New Kids on the Campus Block

by Arielle Tipa

With fresh faces at Ammerman, the campus gains novel student perspective and strive.

Another semester has begun at the Ammerman, bringing in new students from all walks of life. With this new year beginning to unfold, so have the upcoming student expectations of Suffolk and all it has to offer.

Suffolk County Community College's Ammerman Campus, located in Selden.

For freshman and biology major Corina Giannone, a start at Ammerman truly is a new journey at home. “I moved upstate when I went to high school, where there were about 1,200 students. I’m here now because I wanted to come back to the Island. I really miss being home”, said Giannone.

Striving to receive her Associate’s degree, Giannone is also excited to transfer to a four-year college of her choice. “Originally, I wanted to go to Stony Brook. But now, I’m considering transferring to the University of Buffalo. I really do have a home here and a home away.”

Chealsea DeRosso, a liberal arts major, had the great fortune of not paying a penny for her stay here at Ammerman.“I got my entire Suffolk tuition from an FDNY scholarship, so I’ll use it to the best of my advantage”, said DeRosso.

Preferring not to reveal which specific scholarship DeRosso was granted, she is acutely aware of the numerous other scholarship opportunities here at Ammerman, and says that they are something inquisitive students should take advantage of.

The campus’s scholarship program contains multiple funding options for students in good standing, including the Estee Lauder Scholarship, and the “Get There From Here” scholarship, which is awarded to full-time students. The minimum amount granted is $5,000 per year.

Despite her varied opinions on the professors here at Ammerman, DeRosso is enjoying her classes, so far. “I like the courses I’m taking here, and I’m hoping to transfer to Syracuse or Purchase with the credits that I’m getting.”

A liberal arts major at Ammerman, Eric Johnson shares his take on freshman life. “It’s good so far, I can’t complain. I don’t know where I want to transfer yet, but I’m pretty much enjoying the ride so far. Also, the campus is very vast, and the scene is extremely sociable.”

Also a member of the Art Club here at the Ammerman campus, Johnson is astounded by the number of clubs and associations that thrive here. “The clubs seem really cool and appear to range from a lot of random interests. But, overall, Suffolk seems like a good place to start for anyone willing to take their education to a higher level.”

If you would like to receive more information on Ammerman’s scholarships program, you can visit the college’s website (, and search under “Prospective Students”, where you can also find information on financial aid, grants, loans, and other benefits.

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