Suffolk Center hosts ‘Goose-stepping on Long Island’ exhibit, seeks students to form campus club

Let the CHDHU tell you a story
By Jessica Radesco-Verdi

The Suffolk Center on the Holocaust, Diversity, and Human Understanding, Inc. is presenting the Goose stepping on Long Island: Camp Siegfried exhibit through Oct. 28. It will explore Nazism in America and focus on the German-American summer camp in Yaphank. The center features artifacts, photographs and documents relating to many monumental events in our history.

This current event is on loan from the Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives from Sept. 15-Oct.28. Exhibits range from Slavery and its Long Island Connections to Darfur Awareness Day to this past March’s Hate Crime Awareness with guest speaker Joselo Lucero, the brother of slain Ecuadorian immigrant from Patchogue, Marcelo Lucero. You can visit this center in the Ammerman Campus Huntington Library on the second floor.

Professor Steven Schrier, Executive Director of CHDHU says, “We are currently looking for students who would be interested in forming a student club that would parallel our activities. Their objective would be to prevent hate crimes and promote cultural understanding and peaceful coexistence”, which is the mission of the Center ‘to educate the community on historical events and acts of genocide, such as the Holocaust, and on human rights atrocities, such as slavery, to teach and demonstrate approaches to preventing such acts and events from occurring in the future’.

CHDHU is an independent not-for-profit corporation founded by the action of the College’s Board of Trustees, it was established January of 2004 and more exhibits are available on other campuses. These exhibits provide knowledge, insight and compassion about the struggles endured by those from the past or to strengthen the hope of a better tomorrow. If you feel you would like to be a part of club that can make an impact and positive change contact the center at 451-4700.

To find out the upcoming events for CHDHU check out the calendar of events or log onto their site or you can drop by the center where videos of previous programs are now available for borrowing. Bring a family member or a friend as all the exhibits are open to the general public. These programs promote unity for not only SCC students but our community as a whole and to teach our history so it can be learned from not repeated.

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