Electrical losses surge as Irene pummels Long Island

by Arielle Tipa

As Irene made her mark, students faced a variety of inconvenient power failures.

On Aug. 28 the East Coast endured the worst storm since Hurricane Gloria in 1985. The chilling forecasts of Hurricane Irene’s arrival were well in advance, and preparations were swiftly put into action. Besides the untamable winds, flooding, toppled trees, and damaged vehicles, hundreds of thousands on the Island faced massive outages that lasted, for some, about a week. Fortunately, the storm was easily handled for those equipped and readily prepared for the expected blackouts. But, for some students here at Suffolk, dealing with the power losses were anything but a breeze.

“I lost my house phone, computer, AC, and lights for almost four days,” said Gabriella Amato, a Child Education major on the Ammerman campus. “I hated having no AC and computer. Plus, the traffic lights on Portion Road were all out.” Amato was among the half million residents dealing with the massive outages that took place all across Long Island.

Among the lucky few dealing with a shorter period of power failures was John Aprigliano, a Film major here on campus. “The most I got was a power outage which lasted for roughly 2 or 3 hours,” says Aprigliano. “I was surprised that my phone was getting service, but I assumed the lights would be out.”

Even some of the most basic necessities that are usually taken for granted, were temporarily lost due to Irene’s wrath.

“Having no computer or TV for 4 days straight didn’t bother me, but having no stove or hot water wasn’t that great. Most of my friends lost power for only a day or two. I lost power the longest out of all of them,” said Julianne Mosher, a student majoring in journalism.

“I worked about two of those days, and we had generators, so everything was fine over there,” said Mosher, an employee at Giunta’s Meat Farms.

But, at last, it’s LIPA to the rescue for the half million awaiting electrical restoration, including fellow students. “I was so happy after the power was restored”, says Jasmine Bresnihan, a Selden campus attendee. “Having all the traffic lights out was a big inconvenience when school started.”

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