Do you want to save a life?

By: Tom King 

Many people have an issue with donating blood, particularly college students. It is important to donate blood because It is giving the gift of life.

Blood drives are held multiple times throughout the semester at the Ammerman campus. According to Sue Callis donor specialist for the blood center “Last time we were here February 23rd we collected 107 pints, 107 people donated”. This shows that some of  the Suffolk students are donating blood. However, with an enrollment of over 14,000 students at the Ammerman campus, certainly more people could get involved. Many health benefits are associated with donating blood. According to Sue Calis blood donation specialist, “Donating blood,  produces new blood cell, lowers you’re blood pressure, and makes you feel good. You give back to the community”. When asked why he choose to donate blood Suffolk student Alex William, responded by saying that he “felt it was the right thing to do”. Donating blood is a form of giving back to the community, this often times makes people feel like a better person.

Through donating blood you will be helping people in you’re own community, our fellow man. Sometimes the best type of help is helping a total stranger. Platelet donation is another type of blood donation. Patients in hospitals, people who have just had surgery often need platelets as do people with cancer. According to you are allowed to donate platelets  every two days, up to 24 times per year. This is a different amount of time than you are allowed to donate whole blood, which is every 56 days.

A final reason for donating blood is the feeling you get after donating. You will feel better about yourself that you did something to help someone in you’re own community or even a total stranger. When asked how he felt after he donated williams said, “My arm’s tingling a little, everything else feels fine, I don’t feel lightheaded or anything.” This tells us that patients didn’t feel any physical side-effects after donating. It only takes a few minutes to save a life.

Many people are often oppose to donating blood for a variety of reasons. The reasons people are hesitant to the idea of donating blood according to Sue Callis of the NY blood services are “Fear of needle, some people think they’re gonna get something from donating blood, get a disease or something, that is not possible.” Some people also think that they can’t donate more than once a year. According to the N.Y. Blood center you are allowed to donate blood once ever 56 days. Some people also think that they are not eligible to donate blood because if they have a certain medical condition. According to NY blood center “Nearly everyone between the ages of 17 (16 with parents’ written permission or consent) and 75 (people age 76 and older can donate if they meet all donor eligibility requirements and they present a doctor’s written permission note), weighing a minimum of 110 pounds and in good health can donate blood. Donors over age 75 who are healthy and meet all other donor requirements simply require a doctor’s written permission note to donate.”. People often times think that donating blood will make them weak for a long time after they donate. According to the American Red Cross, when you donate blood you are only giving away one pint of blood.Many people who donate blood don’t feel any different after the donation because “on average the adult body has 10-12 pints, Some people experience dizziness, [this can be cured with some rest], most people feel better within 24 hours of the blood donation”.

When asked how many students participated in the recent blood drives Callis said  “Last time we were here February 23 we collected 107 pints, 107 donated. This is a low number considering that over 14,000 students attend the Ammermen campus. It is very important to give blood, donating blood gives someone the gift of life. Many people need blood donations in order to survive. According to the N.Y. Blood center “1 out of every 3 people will require a life-saving transfusion sometime during their lifetime”.  According to the New York Blood center “Someone in [the USA] needs a life-saving transfusion every 3 seconds.”  Donating blood has health benefits for the donor, it produces white blood cells and lowers blood pressure, you get to give back to the community, and you will come away from the donation with the feeling that you did a good deed to help people in need.  The entire donation processing only takes about an hour. A little needle stick is a small price to pay to help save someone’s life.

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