Obama Speech goes Viral

By Stephen Overbeck

The whole world tuned in to the Royal Wedding this weekend to see the matrimony

President Obama announces the death of Osama bin Laden.

between William and Catherine, but here in America another telecast broke that viewer count wide open.

As many can tell we are of course talking about President Obama’s speech concerning “a national security announcement that all should hear”. President Obama’s speech Sunday night announcing the death of Osama bin Laden drew twice as many viewers as the weekend’s Royal Wedding and outpaced his recent policy addresses.

This address by the president can be seen as a definite rise to shine in his popularity. It shows the fact that all of America is still highly interested in the addresses made by the president concerning the ever continuing threat posed by terrorists. Americans throughout the world tuned in and all began to feel the sense of accomplishment and relief that was the main point behind this address to begin with. Despite being hastily scheduled and aired during a late hour on the East Coast, the President’s telecast was watched by 56.5 million viewers.
That’s more than Obama’s recent scheduled and promoted primetime addresses, such as March 28’s speech on Libya (25.6 million) and his August speech on Iraq (29.2 million), as well as more than doubling the audience of the supremely hyped, though early a.m., Royal Wedding (22.8 million). The networks carrying the address included ABC, CBS, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, CNN, Fox News Channel, HLN and MSNBC.

According to site (http://www.geekosystem.com/osama-bin-laden-news-social-media/) the speech “Only twelve hours after the news first broke, Sysomos found that there were over 40,000 blog posts and news articles about Bin Laden’s death, as well as over 2.2 million tweets delivering the news in the limited-character arena. Twelve hours may seem like a long time to allow the world of social media to do its thing, but at midnight last night, not even an hour after the President delivered his speech, there were already over half a million tweets and nearly 2,000 blog posts and news articles released into the wild regarding the subject.

“This indicates to everyone who can analyze this well enough that the news of Osama’s death rang clearly through every American’s mind and relaxed them all to the point where they simply had to address it to the internet world through their private sources, be it blogging, surfing the web, or tweeting it it spread like wildfire. This speech overall will most likely go down as one of the top hits for the month of May and will continue to be talked about in every venue of media for quite some time, and as Obama stated


in the end of his speech, “God Bless America!”.

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