Death of Osama bin Laden, mastermind terrorist, heard round the world

By William VonFricken

The world’s largest and most talked about manhunt ended on Sunday May 1 with the death of Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World trade Center.

Osama Bin Laden was considered to be face of terror. He was the leader of the terrorist group of Al-Qaida and known to be the master mind of the Sept. 11, 2011 terrorist attack. His death was wished for by many Americans.

“Its about time we got him. I’m glad he is finally dead” Smithtown resident Jaclyn Lazio replied about his death.

Osama Bin Laden was born on June 28, 1957 in the city of Jidda. He was one of 52 children. His father Mohammed Bin Laden opened a construction business and became one of the richest men in Saudi Arabia. As a teen Osama attended the King Abdul Aziz University in Jidda. In 1979 Bin Laden graduated with a degree in economics and management. In January 1980, several weeks after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Osama joined the anti-Soviet resistance movement. Bin Laden eventually became in control of 2,000 Islamic fighters. He created several guerilla training camps in Sudan Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Osama’s threat to America really began back in 1989 when he founded his international terrorist organization known as the AlQaeda. This is where many were trained to fight for global “Jihad” against America. Over the next few years Osama Bin Laden gathered Afghan veterans from around the world and set up three terrorist training camps. In 1993 his people made their first attack on America coordinating the first World Trade Center bombing. Two years later Bin Laden’s operatives planted a car bomb, one that killed five American, and another that killed 19.
At this time the United States became focused on Bin Laden as a primary threat to America. Osama became the largest wanted bounty in history after his Sept. 11 attack in 2001. He is known to be the man behind the attack that destroyed the World Trade Center and killed roughly 3000 people.

The Sept. 11 attack really impacted America. Many people, siblings and loved ones were lost, fathers and mothers were gone and the gruesome memory of the attack was embedded in everyone’s heads.

“I will never forget that day; I was sent home from school early and was told there was an attack. I didn’t understand its significance until later on” said Lindenhurst resident Jacob Rubin.

Osama went into hiding for nearly a decade until he was killed by United State troops in a 40-minute firefight in Pakistan on May 1. This for many people became one of the greatest days in America.

People from around the world gathered, to celebrate the death of Bin Laden. Towns and Universities engaged group riots with relief and happiness that the man who affected all Americans on Sept. 11 was dead.

“USA all the way,” said Oakdale resident Stephanie Grose. The internet icon exploded with posts and status’s that supported and craved about Bin Laden’s death. Post’s such as “we got him”, “take that Osama” and “today is the greatest day ever!” Many people who were in grief of the deaths they encountered were finally at peace knowing that Osama was finally found and killed.

Others are enraged that we have not found him earlier, and believe that his death is a conspiracy. “We couldn’t find him for years and now we find him and we can’t even see a picture proving it’s him?” asked Kings Park resident James Nileson.

A very controversial act was taken after the death of Osama Bin Laden. His body was not shown to the public nor was their any photographic evidence of his death. Now his body rests somewhere at the bottom of a sea where no one can find him. This was done because the United States followed the Islamic Law and buried the body within 24 hours of the victims death. His body burial was unknown to insure that many of Osama’s followers would be able to build a shrine upon it. Many hope that the government will leak a picture to help others cope with the idea that he is actually dead.

No matter what; May 1, 2011 will always be remembered in American history. It is up to you to decide in what you believe.

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