Lack Of Enforcement

 By. Jennifer White

Driving at the college has become a major safety risk. The lack of enforced rules regarding vehicles is a very much ignored issue. “The speed limit at the college is 15 miles per hour, if everyone went 15 miles per hour people would be more cautious of things happening around them. The problem is that a majority of the students and staff do not do 15 miles per hour”. Stated, Alyssa Antola who is a student at the college. Students and staff simply don’t have to do the speed limit; because speed is not enforced at the college.

“It seems as though, the only people getting ticketed are the students who park in staff parking spaces”. Stated Tara Menten who is a student at the college. The lack of enforcement on speed is just one of the problems, another issue is vehicle registration. Most students on campus don’t have their vehicles registered. According to, “all vehicles on campus must be registered, and if you are using an unregistered vehicle, you must get a temporary parking pass”. Most students have never even heard about temporary parking passes on campus. When asked if he has ever heard of or seen a temporary parking pass, Suffolk student John Queen said, “I have no idea what they are, I have never even heard of them”. John was not the only one. Not one of the 23 students I then went on to ask knew anything about this policy. Most students don’t even know they have to have their vehicles registered. And the other half doesn’t care to register their vehicles. “Why would the students register their vehicles if it’s not mandatory? I mean there are no repercussions if they don’t”; Said Dan Patterson, a student at the college.

According to,, it states, “The following Traffic and parking regulations are designed for the safety, of all of the members of the college community. We ask that your cooperation in complying with them and all other campus policies and procedures. Thank you for your cooperation. The college state that they ask for cooperation but that doesn’t mean you have cooperate. The college needs to demand that people do these things. If they demand that students register vehicles or they will be fined. Then there most likely wouldn’t be very many unregistered vehicles on campus. Unregistered vehicles are a safety concern because that means that anyone can park and come on the campus. No one would even know they didn’t belong here, and they could possibly be a security threat. According to,, it states the fines you will receive for speeding, not stopping at stop signs and many other things. The fines go from 10 to 100 dollars, but it isn’t being very well enforced.

 These are just a few of the driving problems on this campus; the main problem is the lack of enforcement. Also the lack of knowledge about all these rules is a big problem. Many students have no idea that many of these policies even exist. “The students need better informing and the college needs to step up the enforcement of these issues”; stated matt Clunie a student at the college.

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