Professor can’t stand the heat (literally)

By Victoria Sacino

Meteorology Professor Scott Mandia gave a lecture on global warming at 7:30 p.m. Friday night at Suffolk County Community College. Professor Mandia presented “Climate Change is Not Being Kind to Mother Nature” as part of the Earth & Science lecture series to a crowd of about 100 people.

The crowd was composed of many different age groups which ranged from children to older adults. The majority of the crowd was composed of young adults, who were either required to attend the lecture for a class or were attending for extra credit.

Professor Mandia brought up many key points concerning global warming, such as the following: what he believes to be the cause of global warming, what we can expect for the future, and the devastating impacts that could occur if people don’t start taking action. The cause of global warming, according to Mandia, is humans. Humans are responsible for the widespread of harmful emissions.

 “The planet is getting warmer, and humans are primarily responsible because we are overloading the air with carbon,” Mandia said. “This carbon is causing less heat to leave the planet which, in turn, is warming the oceans, surface, and atmosphere.”

As for what to expect by the end of the century, the world will look much different compared to today’s world—for example, no rain forests will remain. Devastating impacts, including animal extinctions, will occur, such as part of the United States becoming submerged in water. Many people differ on this issue, but  Mandia said he doesn’t think it’s too late to change the current course of global warming.

Some people who attended appeared to find the information very interesting and informative, while others found it to be quite depressing.

“I don’t believe some of it,” said student Michael Polzella. “There are a lot of other natural things on the Earth that contribute to the problem we’re having, besides humans.”

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  1. Thank you for the post and I am glad that you learned from my presentation. If anybody missed it, my presentation is available online.

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