If You See Something, Say Something

By Patrick Adams

Selden- Car thefts and car break-ins is an unknown and increasing threat to the students of Suffolk County Community College. This problem is going unnoticed because there are no flyers or announcements anywhere on campus that warns the students of potential dangers regarding their cars.

Most college students drive older and rundown cars that can be easily broken into. With the hiring of Baycan Fideli as the schools public safety and fire director crime has still been rising and there is still no announcements or warnings about fire or public safety. However he has implicated a few crime preventing acts since he was hired, and he has goals and ideas on how to fight this ongoing battle with criminals.

Since this year started there has been four confirmed car thefts and since car break-ins is in a different category of crime he was unaware of the number of break-ins. This number of car thefts jumped from the one they had last year that is an increase of 75 percent.

All four cars that were stolen were Honda Civics, because older versions of the Honda Civics he said that those cars are easy to steal and most of them do not have low jack or alarms that make it even easier. That doesn’t mean if you don’t drive a Honda that you have nothing to worry about.

The Directors hiring of an unknown number of undercover officers to try and catch and prevent threats to the students is one of the acts Fideli has done since the beginning of the semester. “It’s all about timing.” Fideli stated “these guys are good, all they need is 7-10 seconds to break in to your car.” he believes with the help of his officers and the students this problem can be prevented. If you see something say something is his unofficial slogan for this campaign and asks the students to call 311 if they see anything out of the ordinary anywhere on campus.

 “Lock up your car” Fideli said “and don’t have your personal belongings like purses visible so the criminals have a reason to break into your car.” 80 percent of car break-ins are preventable if only the student locks their cars and hiding their valuables. Fideli was explaining.

This effort to stop car thefts is not only being worked on by public safety, the Suffolk County Police Department is also on the job. SCPD is now the lead for this problem, however this is a team effort and the public safety officials are still a major part in making your college experience a safe one.

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  1. Great job Patrick.

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