Library theft on the Ammerman campus

By: Melissa Ann Bornschein

This past academic year the Ammerman Campus library has hosted a total of three thefts and verbal conflicts in the library. Proper security equipment has been placed by the entrance and exit if its doors. Library staff has taken proper procedures to inform all students about theft and the consequences of stealing from the library.

One such incident of theft and confrontation occurred early this semester. After the security gates went off a student was asked if she had any material from the library in her possession. After being asked that question she instantly became hostile and aggressive. The student became irate and used words of profanity. The student then left, upon her return later in the afternoon the same safety equipment rang again stating that something of the library was still in her possession. The student agreed upon entrance again to speak with security and a librarian. Both educators and security spoke to the student about the negative and damaging effects stealing may have on an individual like herself and how it may harm her academically. When the female student left the library for the evening, the security alarm by the entrance did not ring.

Susan Lieberthal – Head Liberian at Suffolk County Community College stated the top three reasons why students steal from the library. “First is finical: Students may not have the money to properly buy the books he or she may need for their studies. Students also have the idea that if they were to barrow a book and not return it on time it would cost them money in late fees. Secondly Student Identification Card: Before borrowing a library book the student must present his or her student ID card to the front desk Liberian. Having this card allows the library and school know that you are in good standing with the school and in return will be able to loan you a book. Students who are walking away with library material are doing so because they are in need of certain book and do not have the proper id to loan and or barrow it from the library. The third and final reason I believe students steal is due to the fact that they just don’t care. Many students feel they are entitled to any and everything they want and that just is not so. They do as they wish not acknowledging there actions”.

Ms lieberthal also goes on to explain that the Liberians are here to assist students and help them with their academic needs whether it be through the computer catalogue, helping a student locate a book to helping the student make a photocopy. “We are here for the students” all we ask for is respect for our things.

Danny Mclydin a liberal arts major at Suffolks Ammerman Campus stated “It’s not fair that students steal from other students”. He goes on to say “What if I needed that information for an important paper, I am entitled as a paying student to be given that information and not have an academic hoodlum steal what is rightfully mine and my fellow classmates”

Dianna Paddington summarized the issue by saying “I can only hope people become more observant in their daily adventures of consideration and morality and understand that doing the wrong thing not only holds a negative outcome for yourself but the other individuals that surround you.”

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