What’s going on, on the Eastern end of campus

By Taylor Baker

On Tuesday, March 1, The Eastern Campus Executive Committee held a meeting in the Peconic building room 228B. Issues that were brought to the table pertaining the Student body on campus consisted of the Class of 2011 Barbeque and Graduation ceremony, as well as altering the area of the game room on campus to be a more structured environment for students.

Dr. Amy Czura, head chair of the Eastern Campus Executive Committee opened the meeting by discussing the welfare and good standing of the school and it’s student body. Congress conversed about the Shonda William scholarship.

An important issue talked amongst the congress members concerned the Bylaws, which are laws designed to help a group function in an orderly manner, which in this case were the Eastern Campus committee. Based on the Congress Bylaws, it states that as a member of the executive committee, The Academic Standards Chairman Susan Fanning is anticipated to speak with other faculty members and organization to oversee that what is taking place on campus is up to par and meets the academic standards of the SUNY school, as well as the college board of trustee committee. At this point, the whole process is beginning to become overwhelming. “I’m ready to Keel over,” said Fanning.

The Eastern Campus is going to be holding their graduation ceremony around the 18 of May. A Barbeque is going to be held for the students, as the budget for the event is being taken care of. The Student Governments Association (SGA) is involved with coordinating the event.

An issue on the agenda regards the game room located by the cafeteria. In room P104 they’d like to put the game/ wreck room. It was mentioned that it would be temporary due to the fact that there is not enough space for the pool table and other gaming equipment. The room would be more secure for supervision, because a main issue is the notion that a good majority of already graduated students return to the space. However, students are familiar with the location of the gaming area near the cafeteria. The Ammerman campus contributed to the thoughts of the project underway.

The floor was then given to Cynthia Eaton, the Chairperson for the Campus Curricular Committee. In addition to the projects that are in progress, the nursing program is going to be altering their schedule from day to only evening classes. 180 scholarships are distributed to students each year, including 30 hospital scholarships to a total of 60 college partnerships.

Czura, Fanning, and Eaton, along with other representatives of the committee, Matthew Okerblom, Helen Wittmann, and Paul Anderson, are planning to have their resolutions for congress pertaining to the Bylaws ready to go by next week. “We are behind, other campuses have passed us,” stated Czura. She also added, “If it’s too much, we need to expand the committee and change the bylaws,” in reference to Fanning’s comments towards the issue. The Eastern Campus Executive congress is held to exercise academic voices and responsibilities pertaining to the campus community. It makes recommendations regarding campus, college policies, and subjects about student welfare, which is beneficial for students.

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