SGA Gives Voice To Students

SGA Gives Voice To Students

By Melissa Bornschein

Tuesday February 22 at 3:30 p.m Student Government Association hosted a general meeting in the Mildred Green Room, located at the Babylon Student Center. Topics discussed were the Suny Budget, Non-smoking Campus, Student Laptops and Student Networking Cards.

Student Laptops are currently underway. The library at Suffolk’s Selden campus has received money to provide students with laptops. The usage of them will be the same as if you were to work in a computer lab. The student will provide his or her ID card and a sign a consent form stating the rules of the portable pc. All students who wish to loan a laptop will be given a two hour time frame. Hargun Anand a Liberal Arts major and Vice President of Student Government Association stated ” I think it is a wonderful idea, not only we are catching up with the times, we have more resources available to us as students”

Another topic of interest was that of the Student Networking Cards for club officers. The Idea behind the card itself is to provide student leaders an opportunity to properly address themselves, school and club in a professional manner. The Student Networking Card is still pending for spring 2011 semester but will be avible for all officers who wish to hold on in the fall 2011 semester. Brandon Medina a Liberal Arts major and Secretary of Student Government Association stated “Overall I think Networking Cards are a great idea, The Networking Cards will give club members a way to put themselves out there. SGA currently has there own cards and its a great benefit to have all your information located in one spot”

Student Government hopes to fulfill all pending plans. Meeting’s for the organization are bi-weekly Tuesdays and are held at 3 p.m.

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