Campus Activities Board Calls for More Student Involvement

By Eric Santucci
SELDEN- On Monday, Feb. 28, approximately 25 to 30 people gathered in the Mildred Green room in the Babylon Student Center of Suffolk Community College’s Ammerman Campus for the Suffolk Community College Activities Board (CAB) meeting.

The CAB meeting took place from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. which included CAB executive members and students. During the meeting Board members expressed the need of CAB members to spread the word about CAB activities in an attempt to gain support.

“Whatever you do, just push for more (students); get out there and get people involved,” Executive Member Rich McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin encouraged CAB members to put forth ideas for recruitment. For example, he and the other executives came up with the idea of sponsoring a “minute to win it”-styled game event to bring more members in. McLaughlin also promoted fellow members to bring a new friend to each CAB meeting; preferably someone who had never previously been to one.

An observing student argued that not enough students knew what CAB did or even what CAB stood for. He suggested the idea of CAB designing a short clip that explains the board’s activities and events in order to interest more students and get them involved. The executive members agreed to the notion and also suggested spreading the word of CAB through more fliers throughout campus.

When the meeting commenced each executive member introduced themselves to new members, and welcomed back recurring CAB members to the meeting. Next, the executives talked about their insightful campus-funded trip to St. Louis for the NACA (National Association for Campus Activities), where campus boards around the country gather and present live events a national forum.

Each executive took turns talking about CAB’s previously sponsored events as well as upcoming events taking place both on and off campus. CAB is currently sponsoring an upcoming campus talent show, movie showings, massage lounge, and a ski trip.

Executives put extra emphasis on the lack of ticket sales regarding The CAB organized ski trip. The trip is all-inclusive with the tickets; including ski rentals, transportation to and from campus, food and a shared ski lodge for all Suffolk members attending the trip.

Executive members McLaughlin and Nick Viruet emphasized other CAB activities such as the Murder Mystery night; a show featuring an interactive game of “Clue”, and spring fest; a day of various campus activities featuring a Hawaiian luau theme. These events will also require extensive support from other members to maintain and coordinate.

Further into the semester, CAB is sponsoring a trip to the Broadway musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying” starring Daniel Radcliffe of “Harry Potter”; another event that has yet to sell out. From March until the end of the semester, CAB is also sponsoring a casino night, comedy night, and a boat trip in attempts to gain more members.

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  1. How do i get in touch with nick viruet??

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