Peregrine Falcon Demonstrates Survival of Fittest

By Gennady Dekhtyar
They say the early bird gets the worm. At the bus stop on College Road at the Ammerman Campus the early bird got something else entirely.

At Approximately 7:15 am, On Monday, March 1st 2011, As the s58 Suffolk County Transit bus departed from the back of the South Hampton Building at approximately 7:15 a.m. Monday March 1st , something strange was going on between two birds in the distance.

It was what seemed like two birds tangled up in each other. For a second it appeared that one bird was mourning another’s death, but upon closer examination, it was a brown falcon with a dead seagull in its right claw.

It was a fresh kill because the birds were steering clear of the kill site and Canadia Geese were perched on the top of the Southampton Building fearing the falcon.

At my 8:30am Biology class I showed the picture that I had snapped with my Blackberry camera of the kill and had asked Biology Professor Carole Pugliese if she knew anything about this and if it was common.

“Yea” she paused “they have a nest around here somewhere on campus.”

There are numerous and various occurrences of Peregrine falcons attacking seagulls and other birds based on information, pictures and video provided by

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