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Clubs show that life is worth living.

By Patrick Adams

On Thursday December, 2nd the Sci-Fi/Horror club with help from the Urban Explorers Club and the Harry Potter club hosted a fundraiser for Suicide Awareness from 9:30 to 3:30. The Babylon student center was alive with students on a sugar rush. The clubs baked cookies, cupcakes that filled 4 tables and members also made lizard key chains to raise money for “To Write Love on Her Arms” organization. “To Write on Her Arms” is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Dr. William F Burns the faculty adviser of the Sci-Fi/ Horror club said, “We were particularly concerned about the recent suicides of gay teens,” Burns stated. “And had hoped to connect this event with a showing of solidarity with the Gay-Straight Alliance.”

With this event the club hopes to help at least one person realize that life is worth living. “Suicide is a human tragedy and as members of society we should help protect tragedies like this from happening.” President of the Sci-Fi/ Horror club Anthony Giansante said, “We hope that with this bake sale will let students know that they are not alone.” The club was hoping to raise 100-125 dollars and inform the students of suicide awareness and they did just that. With their amazing baking style fundraiser they got their word out there.

“We hope that we have given someone a chance that might have thought that there were no chances left.” Dr. Burns said “Sometimes people need to know that they aren’t alone.” Suicide is still a big issue that touch’s everyone it comes in contact with. This fundraiser for “To Write Love on Her Arms” is the first time this club has worked with this organization. TWLOHA joined INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network), Brighter Tomorrow, and Food Not Bombs to the list of organizations that the club raised money for.

The Sci-fi/ Horror club is holding a Holiday food drive from now until December 21st. if you missed this fundraiser and still would like to help the bins for the food drive are located in front of the Writing Center in the Islip Arts building room 101. If you would like to be a part of the Sci-Fi/ Horror Club join them and meet new people and make a difference at the same time.”I will never forget my friends from the club.” Giansante said, “I’m going take with me the leadership I have learned and the overall experience and working with great people.” Meetings start at 11am every Wednesday come by and have some fun.

Plagiarism’s Dark Cloud Loiters Over College Students’ Integrity

By George Verity

Recently an attempt made by U.K. academics and administrators to regulate plagiarism amongst students, has sparked a global debate of integrity and honesty. According to NewCastle University and, strict plans to crack down on this new-upcoming epidemic have been proposed; that would ultimately tax students for cheating. To go along with potential tax or fines so to speak, has created a point system for alleged offenders. Each offense counterparts to a certain quantity of points that adds together to formulate an appropriate penalty. Is this a valid plan? What has society come to when even the purest of all purest things: education; becomes corrupt and regulated through penalized taxation?

I feel that plagiarism, over recent years is on the rise because of time obligations and the internet. In today’s society, society has put tremendous pressure on young adults; particularly college students. Between social obligations, work responsibilities, religious duties and college life itself, young students press for time. All these engagements lead for no time to research and write term papers, exams and essays. I myself, in certain situations, have been pressed for time and had no time to do my assignments on time. However, I did not jeopardize my integrity by plagiarizing.

Some administrators and academic officials believe that students plagiarize because they don’t care about their work or are too lazy. In some cases this holds true, but I believe the contrary. I believe that they do care and that’s why they find a way to get their work done; no matter the cost. Students are so desperate that they will do anything to accomplish their work on time. This dedication leads them to plagiarize. I think these students that lay on the line their integrity; do this because they feel they are invincible to getting caught. Even though these students who plagiarize know it is wrong and socially unacceptable; in the back of their mind they truly believe they will not get caught: the teacher won’t notice, the teacher wont research, the teacher won’t mind. So they take the risk for a sense of accomplishment and a grade.

Another contributing factor to time management is accessibility. The internet has made it easier to plagiarize in today’s society. To plagiarize on the internet is just a click away. Most forms of plagiarism come from copying and pasting words and from ghost web sites that allow you to purchase already written essays on the topic over the internet. But that same access is available to the professor, ironically. I think these web sites that offer already finished essays are a tease and are the main problem when it comes down to plagiarism. It kind of goes along the lines of okay you’re not allowed to do this, hear this, or think this, but I want to for the simple fact that I’m not allowed to.

Proposing this point system plan is one thing but, implementing it is another. Plagiarism as we all know it to be; happens on a global scale impulsively. For this plan to be affective it would have to be adopted worldwide. I’m not saying this plan is a bad idea or that I don’t support it. I actually agree with this policy and think it is a good idea. But that is just the thing, it’s just an idea. In my opinion I don’t think this plan will work because I don’t believe these procedures and policies will be adopted and enforced worldwide. This problem is so large in scale that it is happening and reoccurring constantly. So to think that this problem will ever go away is just down right foolish. Plagiarism will always occur whether strictly enforced or not enforced at all. Hey you never know if a worldwide policy does take in affect, plagiarism will be on the black market along with nuclear weapons and alcohol prohibition during the 1930’s in the United States.

For now all we can do is try to prevent plagiarism with awareness and a good sense of integrity; even though it doesn’t help when students and professors turn their cheek and look away. That ignorance in place is igniting the fuel for plagiarism to burn. So if find the urge to plagiarize; just hold your head up high, your chest out and refuse to take part in the epidemic. Remember reputation and integrity is all you have in this world and that is directly controlled by your actions and words; not someone else’s.

Deception in Inception

By George Verity

On November 17th, Inception directed by Christopher Nolan, was presented on the Ammerman campus in the Babylon Student center at 8 pm. This blockbuster sensation that swept away all regions of the United States has now captivated students here on Long Island.

This all-star cast lead by Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, delivers a home-run performance into the eyes of all viewers. Each moment, from beginning to end, was packed with non-stop Sci-Fi action. However, the concept of deception and a dream-state-of-mind made this ironically a very open and honest movie. The director Nolan deliverer’s this to all moviegoers through a brilliant story line that requires spectators to observe a collection of rules, exceptions, locations, and specific jobs; to understand the overall picture.

To simplify a complex plot, this movie relies heavily on intertwine able personalities led by an “extractor” named Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who, through the use of a special device, constructs dreams for an assigned object. Those dreams implemented are ideas that will influence the object to make a decision beneficial to the individual who hired the team. The team is also made up of people that have particular roles like “The Architect”, “The Forger”, and “The Chemist” in order to pull off the job.

To create dreams, the characters use a unique keepsake called a totem; this informs a character whether he is still dreaming or not. Furthermore, dreams have rules: dying in a dream forces the dreamer to wake up, exploring too deeply into a mind can cause an eternal slumber called “Limbo”, using memories to construct dreams is dangerous because it can blur the line between dreams and reality. In addition to those rules, intruding in the dreams of another will cause the dreamer’s “projections” (human illustrations created by the dreamer) to attack the intruders.

Inception may be complicated, but to simply put it; it is one of the best movies of the year. It will twist your mind in ways your mind has never been twisted before with built-in possibilities and outcomes; that one may do anything to pursue and accomplish.

The physical scope of this movie is beyond belief. Worlds fall on top of each other, a freight train can burst onto a city street, hotels can lose all gravity, and everything that we know is impossible appears completely natural and ordinary.

To go along with the impossible; it’s an understatement to say that the cinematography is gorgeous, or that the sound design is sensational.

Inception also features one of the best fight scenes of all-time ever to take place in the movie world. The fight without gravity was simply mesmerizing. Unlike a comparable movie, The Matrix (1999), characters fighting in this scene cannot defy gravity if they choose to because there is no gravity to defy; it’s a dream state. All action scenes prior to and after the epic fight, are spectacular as well because they are equally visually lavishing and imaginative. The director is able to transform car chases into countdowns, fistfights into puzzles, and shootouts into other shootouts without taking away any value from the characters and the dialog.

Every character not only has a particular skill and task in Inception, but has a personality that mirrors and compliments their job description. Not only does that hold to be true but, the acting is superb and brilliantly acted.

With exception of the main character Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio, the audience learns about the characters of Inception not from long monologues about their past or dreams and memories but, how they interact with each other. Cobb’s relationship with his wife Mal (Marion Cotillard) is the foundation of Inception. This is supported by their separation; causing unbearable guilt and suffering. Therefore Cobb’s character has a hard time handling the nature of reality and its surrounding environments.

In a movie where the dialogue is as precisely constructed as the rest of the film, the audience has to act actively throughout the movie. Unfortunately, if one does not focus they will lose a few lines that could unravel several other outcomes. In different to other films, the moviegoer has the opportunity to fantasize or interpreting different outcomes based on the dialog and scenery given.

Overall I give this movie two thumbs and a grand total of 5 captivating-glamorous stars. This movie is a movie like no other. Odds are one will never see anything like Inception again. Now and a 100 years from now, people all across the world will want to see this movie over and over again, still wanting more.

Professional Lives and Social Lives Connect Via Internet

By Colleen Maidhof

With over 500 million active users, it is safe to say that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites out there. People of all ages and professions can be found being active users on Facebook; however, since everyone has a Facebook does it mean everyone could be friends with each other on it? When it comes to the question of whether it is ok to blend personal lives with professional lives on Facebook mixed feelings emerge.

Social networking is becoming so popular that professionals, workers, and students have been becoming victims of its popularity lately. The lines between a professional life and a personal life are becoming blurred with these websites, and there have been tragic outcomes for many because of this.

At least three New York City area teachers have been fired for inappropriate conduct with students on Facebook, including one who left the comment “This is sexy” on some of the students’ photos. In at least one case, a sexual relationship occurred, according to the New York Post. Also rants on Facebook cost a Connecticut woman her job after she posted unpleasant thoughts about her boss on her wall. Situations like these have been occurring world-wide as people continue to accept friend requests of those who are involved in their professional life.

Adding a boss, a professor, or a student on Facebook depends on your personal preference, inviting them into your personal life can be as equally detrimental as beneficial, overall it is a great responsibility that many may not realize, explained McCann, an English Professor.

“I think adding a professor on Facebook sounds a little bit too personal for me. I am all for making friends with my professors but there does have to be a certain level of professionalism between student and professor.” explained Sociology Major Gabrielle Hall from Lake Grove.

Another student explained “I think that since we are all adults here in college there shouldn’t be a taboo against students being friends with their professors, in the end it’s how well developed the trust is between the two, it is no different than any other friends requests we get ,” said Theater Major Phil Vilar from Medford.

In a survey of 50 students 29 said it is alright to combine their professional life with their personal life and 21 students said it wasn’t ok. After several jobs looses due to irresponsible acts on Facebook, it is obvious that some precautions do need to be taken. Not only should you be careful with everything you post, but also the groups you add, the things you decide to like, and posts others tag you in. Liking things like being high, partying all night, and skipping school is a good way to get you in trouble. Even in ways you may not think of. If your profile isn’t completely private potential employers can easily look you up and judge you.

What people post on the internet absolutely can affect them in the future. If photos of illegal acts or risky photos are posted, people could make copies. That material is then permanently on the internet, for everyone to view. Having a Facebook account or any other social networking website is like holding up a journal for everyone to see. I don’t think enough people know how the privacy controls work or their importance, explained McCann.

‘Tis the Season to Go Shopping

By Barbara Donlon

The song goes tis the season to be jolly and this holiday shopping season, shoppers have a lot to be jolly about.

Retailers this holiday season are cutting prices down lower than shoppers have ever seen before. Their reason for doing so is to get shoppers to come to their store verse another retailer.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming to an end, retailers were in a tight competition to get shoppers to come to them. Walmart and Target warred it out with deals on laptops as low as $198 at Walmart and $228 at Target.

What comes not only shocking to me, but others is the turnout for this years Black Friday. Laura Lake, a marketing consultant, says, “212 million shopper visited stores and websites over the holiday weekend (Fri.-Mon.) an increase of over 17 million from last year.”

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, you feel as if the deals are gone forever. But I can promise you they are not.

Since did not sell out all of their Cyber Monday deals, they have extended their deals for the remainder of the week. In competition with Walmart, and are joining in and once again warring it out for your money.

Although each site has a lot to offer, Walmart definitely wins this war, hands down. Some of the items they are offering online through the end of the week are Apple iPod Touch (ModBundle) is $214 and up, Element 42” Class LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTV is $479, eMachines 15.6” Laptop PC with Case and Flash Drive Bundle for $215, just to name a few. Click on the “Cyber Week Special” on the main homepage to be taken to all their great deals.

To try and win the competition against Walmart, is lowering their prices, but they aren’t quite at Walmart’s level. To check out Amazon’s deals visit Amazon Lightning deals on their website. Some of the deals are offered on Movies, TV’s. Electronics and more.

I know shopping online isn’t one of my favorite things, I am a touchy feely type of person and shopping in the store is what I prefer, plus who wants to pay for pesky shipping, right? As if the deals at Walmart weren’t already fabulous, with any order placed before Dec. 21, you get free shipping! How could you not want to shop there?

As many of you have noticed, not only has Walmart offered great Black Friday deals and Cyber week deals, but since the beginning of Nov. each weekend they have been having huge sales. These sales will continue each weekend from 7AM on until the holiday season is over.

We all want to know the deals before we drag ourselves out of bed so early, correct? So make sure you visit and view the ads for your local Walmart. You can also sign up for email to get offers.

Some of the deals being offered Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, is a 32” Vizio LCD HDTV for $298, a $98 6.5” pre lit Christmas tree, $5 board games, $35 annual Christmas Barbie, $40 Star Wars Leggos, a $119 6-volt Disney princess convertible and a lot more!

Another plus of Walmart is their fairly new phone department. Instead of going to those annoying phone stores, you can go right to Walmart and get yourself a plan. Whether it is AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, they have great family plans and even better deals on phones.

With all these fabulous post Black Friday deals, shopping this holiday season should almost be a joy. All the competition between competitors has prices at an all time low, which id great for the shoppers. Keep an eye out because a deal can pop up at any time.

Men’s Soccer Wins NJCAA Championship

By Matthew Kogurt

It was a win for the history books as the Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) the Clippers won the NJCAA championship.

The SCCC Clippers beat the Herkimer County Community College (HCCC) Generals on the Nov. 14 tournament with a score of 2-1 to become the winners of the National Junior College Athletic Association championship. The game took place on the home campus of HCCC in Herkimer, NY, which is located about five hours away from SCCC’s home campus in Selden.

Both Herkimer and Suffolk had nearly pristine season records with both colleges proving to have been undefeated. The Clippers finished the season with 17 wins with one tie and the Generals winning 21 games and two of their games being tied.

“I knew at that point that we had something special,” said Clippers coach Frank Vertullo reflecting on the teams’ first meeting in August at Tompkins-Cortland Community College. “(Herkimer is) the program that every other junior college strives to be.”

In order to qualify for, and win, the championship game against the Generals, they had to beat Texas’ Richland College the day before which they won with a score of 1-0. With the appearance of Herkimer at the Nov. 14 Finals game, it marked the 12 appearance that either Richland or Herkimer was featured as one of the two premier programs as a finalist. Between both colleges, they had won nine of the past 11 national championships. The Clippers have never played in a national championship match prior to winning this title.

“We went into the season and every season with the goal of winning a National Championship,” said Vertullo, with this season finally paying off. “We prepare them not only for the games but for every training session. We train them to be prepared physically and mentally. We make sure that they are prepared fitness wise and mentally to handle any adversity,” he said. The Clippers opened the season nationally in ninth place and entered the championship match as number one.

Early on in the match, each team scored a goal and both teams went into halftime tied at 1. Herkimer turned out on the offensive in the second half and kept the pressure on Suffolk but its defense and Jesse Nulty, goalkeeper for the Clippers, kept their ground and shut out Herkimer.

“Sometimes you need to be a little lucky,” said Nulty. He became credited with having three saves for the Clippers who were outshot 8-5 overall and 5-2 in the second half.

“In the second half we took control of the game,” Pepe Aragon, Herkimer coach said, “…To start to get our confidence up and then give them that second goal, that destroyed us.”

With the season now over and the win for the Clippers now definite, this paints an even bigger target on the backs of the team for those who want to possibly strip away their newly won title this time next year.

Safety In The Sky

By Melissa Ann Bornschein

As many students aware (TSA) stands for Transportation Security Administration which is apart of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It has been brought to the attention of many individuals this holiday season that travelers would have to undergo a new way of screening for security Clarence when traveling by air.

“Before you go through this technology, we strongly recommend removing ALL items from your pockets and certain accessories that you might be wearing, including your wallet, belt, bulky jewelry, money, keys, and cell phone. Removing all of these items will reduce your chances of needing additional screening after you exit the machine. The officer who looks at your image cannot see you, so any irregularity that appears on the screen will require inspection to determine what it is.
After taking everything out of your pockets, passengers will be directed to walk into the imaging portal. Once inside, passengers will be asked to stand in a position and remain still for a few seconds while the technology creates an image of the passenger in real time. A remotely located officer views the image.
After review and resolution of any anomalies, the image is immediately deleted. The passenger will then be free to exit the opposite side of the portal and collect belongings. The entire process takes less than one minute. To avoid the chance of leaving any of your personal items behind, we recommend that you place them in your carry-on bag prior to entering the checkpoint.”- As stated from the website

Cathy Sincle- An education major sated “It doesn’t really bother me because it is the way of the world today unfortunately. What I am concerned about is the amount of radiation that this scanner gives off. I have heard it is minimal but it still makes me concerned for those who travel frequently, for me that is my only concern. I would rather be safe and if that means someone gets to look at my body as if they were looking at an x- ray so be it”

Jimmy Getri- An accounting major stated “I’m not a fan of x-ray imagery. I understand it has to be done but I feel there should be a more easy way to clear people traveling. I do think that advanced technology will help everyone stay safe in the sky thought”.

Mandy Yoell- A visual Arts major stated “I’m fine with it. If that is that has to be done let it be done, my only concern is if it is a man screening a man and a woman screening a woman. I’ve heard so many story’s on television about horrible experiences. I just don’t want an old man being a dirty old man taking advantage of his job.”

Andrew Visueh- A general studies major said he will be traveling this thanksgiving to Ohio to see his girl friends relatives. When I asked him if he accepts this new security check points as a passenger at Kennedy Airport He replied “Yes, it’s the way it has to be. I would rather wait in long lines and have a headache then be blown up by a terrorist or a mad man”. When asked if he feels the new security technology is appropriate he replied sating “Yes- I would rather be screened and safe”

Review of Call Of Duty: Black Ops

By Jennifer White
You hear about it everywhere, kids rushing home from school, young adults waiting to get off work. Even older adults are obsessed with the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops video game. It was being sold in over whelming amounts with pre release orders. Many people bought it without even knowing if it was as good as it was made out to be. The hype made the game so popular, that the jeep company made a jeep wrangler the black Ops edition.

It was so popular that in the first 24 hours of it being released; it sold over 5.6 million copies. Making a total of 360 million dollars, that was just in the first day! Is it really as amazing of a game as it is made out to be. I think it is and many gamers would agree. The online play in its self makes the game really enjoyable, because not only can you play against other people. It makes it so you can buy guns, attachments, camouflage and various other possessions. The buying aspect is good because it makes you want to play more and engage it the game farther. The more you play the more money you can earn. More money means more things you can buy, which enhances your game play.

The Campaign mode is enjoyable as well ;because it gives you another option if you do not wish to play online. The Campaign mode makes you feel like you are an actual black ops agent, named Mason. Who is being captured and tortured for information. It is where you can play through the story of the game. Another option is playing Nazi zombie’s; which is where a group of four people have to try to survive waves of Nazi zombies. It is really an entertaining option because it gets harder and harder with each wave. It makes it very hard to survive. The challenge of trying to survive wave after wave is very difficult.

Now back to online play, this is the best and most clearest reason why people want and go crazy for this game. You can play with up to 18 people online, you can play all different kinds of games. Such as team death match, search and destroy, free for all and many more. You can also unlock achievements and unlock new things to buy, such as weapons and stuff as you advance in the game. Online you can also buy a head set that lets you talk to the people you are playing with. This is good because you can interact and talk as you play.

This game is really good for people who like war games. It is really gory but if your buying a war game what do you expect. But if you are one who like’s war games and hates gore…..then there is an option for you as well. They made an option for people who don’t particularly like a lot of blood and guts flying everywhere. Or if you’re a parent and don’t want your kid exposed to it; then you can turn the gore off. Which I think is a really good option that the company made. Some people don’t want their kids exposed to things like that; but they want them to still be able to have the games they want. So this was really a good idea.

Now onto the graphics they are good but not the best I have seen. But that is the least of the gamers concerns; because the game it’s self is so good. It can also be used in 1080P. If your Television is compatible this makes your gaming experience more clear and it looks pretty awesome. This means that the picture of the game, has the ability to be in the best high definition.

The cost of the game was 60 dollars plus tax, for the Xbox 360 game version. I mean I personally think that’s a lot. Not because I don’t think the game is good, I just don’t think any games should cost that much. But sadly most do, they are all around that price range unless they are old. That’s really the only time they go down, I am not a fan of high costs but considering they all are that much; I wont say its bad and I wont say it’s good. I mean of course I wish it were cheaper! but with all new games being priced that high no one should or would expect any different.

Overall I was happy with the game, most people were, I am sure along the lines there are complainers. But I feel as though it is a pretty good game, I wasn’t disappointed with it in any way. I think many people feel the same way about . I give Black Ops a rating of 10 out of 10.