Students Relax on the De-Stress Express

By Alexander Helisek                                  

Life can be pretty hard sometimes, in fact sometimes it may be so tough that you have no idea what to do with yourself, and you have been completely overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings and confusion.  This usually would cause some stress in your life,and De-Stress Express has all the right answers for you.  Located at the Student Babylon Center, De-Stress Express setup areas where they would be able to give to the individual a massage.  The area was setup very nicely, with coffee tables and people to sit and relax to take a break out of their day if necessary.  People forget sometimes about the activities they have to do, just because they happen to be very busy.  Many students came and visited the area, looking for a way to relieve tension.

     After  the massage was finished, people were raving about the results and how amazing the massage actually was.  The area which was selected was absolutely perfect, because of the constant flow of students which pass through there.  That Babylon Student center has everything which can be seen as a wonderful break from the day, from food drinks and snacks, to massages and quiet areas. Stress can be coming from all sorts of things from family personal experiences, car trouble, grade trouble, health, fitness, mindset, all these things add to possibilities of having negative stress which can affect your body in a very negative way if left unattended.  Students are a very easy target for stress, for all the responsibilities that fall on their shoulders, in order to stay on top of their priorities. 

    I researched De-Stress a little more and found online that this company has been around since 1996, and has providing college students with a more serene environment since then.  This company does not only focus on the real art of just the massage, but to come up with other various ways the school can increase relaxation.  De-Stress Express has traveled to many school such as SUNY Maritime College, The University of Vermont, Villa Julie College, Simmons College, and possibly the most prestigious Georgetown University. 

If you find yourself stressed in your daily schedule, take a moment to relax.   Gather your thoughts and take a deep breath.  Some exercises can be counting  backwards from ten and then releasing air, Closing your eyes and thinking for a few  seconds, and relaxing all of your muscles.  These are quick ways to gather your thoughts  the next time you feel confused and flustered.  The De-Stress Express would be an  excellent commodity into your relaxation schedule.

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  1. Hey, so how much do they charge for the massage? Are there other things students can do to destress? How many people come for the relaxing minus the massage?

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