Suffolk Goes Pink for Victoria’s Secret

By Patrick Adams

In the world of fashion it is no secret that Pink is the New Black. Victoria’s Secret’s Pink Line is the new fashion for this year. Sept. 22 from 10-2 managers and employees of Victoria’s Secret were at the Babylon Student Center giving Students a chance to work at any one of the six locations in Suffolk and three in Nassau.

Managers from the Smith Haven Mall and the Walt Whitman Mall were at the center taking applications and giving interviews on the spot for employment to their stores. They also made appointments for students looking to work at the other locations.

Nick Kean the manager at the Smith Haven mall for the last three years was looking for both men and women over the age of 18 to work full-time.

When asked how it feels being a man in a lingerie store he simply replied “It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I thought I would be an outcast in a female dominated store,” Kean said,”but customers find it more comforting shopping around men than the women workers.” Kean said he was also surprised in seeing more men applying than women. At the end of the day he was overjoyed in that 75 students applied and 48 of them were men.

“Most of the guys we hired today are most likely to be in the stock room and not the sales floor, but there’s always a chance that you can make it out of the stock room,” Kean said. And with that 30 percent employee discount a $300.00 outfit doesn’t seem so much money.


Spot is the new face of Victoria’s Secrets Pink Line.

Erica Mosby is the Manager at the Walt Whitman mall (Huntington) and her store got eight more employees at the job fair.

“My store gets 30 applications a week but everyone is under the age of 18, that’s why we go to colleges to seek employment.” Mosby has been to Nassau Community College, St. Johns College, and Farmingdale State University, and she agreed that out of all the turn out from all the colleges she said “Suffolk students are the most energetic and willing to work full time.”

If you missed the opportunity to join the Victoria Secret team, you can visit any store and fill out an application, or you can call the Career Services and Cooperative Education Offices at 451-4049

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